til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
tirsdag 03.07.12

One-day tickets are now available as print@home

As a special service it is now an option to buy your Roskilde Festival one-day ticket and print it out at home.

This is due to the tremendous pressure the ticket fair billetlugen has been under, as they cannot guarantee that the tickets will reach the festival guests in time if sent via postal service. Therefore, the initiative of printing one-day tickets at home has been made for those festival guests, who haven’t yet bought their tickets. It will still be possible to bring your receipt to the ticket counters at the festival entrances and receive your tickets there.

There are still one-day tickets for Thursday, Friday and Sunday. One-day tickets for Saturday are sold out.


Now you can buy your one-day ticket and print it out at home - photo: Anne Mie Bak Andersen
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