til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
fredag 30.11.12

Queens of the Stone Age come to Roskilde 2013

The Neolithic gang is added to the lineup along with C2C and Daedelus.

We kickstart the ticket sale for Roskilde 2013 with a round of psychedelic heavy rock and a couple of solid electronic names.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (US) play psychedelic heavy rock reeking of both cactus acid, sex and petrol. At the same time they have conquered the airwaves with hits that have made them one of the most beloved rock groups of the 21st century. 2013 will clearly be a new landmark year for the band. According to front man Josh Homme, the new album is a return to the band's early virtues.

C2C (FR) delivers a turntable concert tightly packed with hip hop, soul, electronica and other genre acrobatics. The four Frenchmen have won the DMC DJ team championship four years in a row. In recent years, the four-piece have split up into two successful projects, Hocus Pocus and Beat Torrent, both of whom have visited Roskilde earlier.

DAEDELUS – ARCHIMEDES SHOW (US) is a complete concert experience tailored to match the American original’s skewed avant-garde electronica. A wall of mirrors combined with lights and projections create the impression of standing inside a giant mirror ball. This kind of magic cannot be done just anywhere, so we’re proud to present this at Roskilde.


Ticket sale starts today
The ticket sale for Roskilde Festival 2013 starts today. 78,500 full festival tickets are up for sale. The price is DKK 1790 (approx. EUR 240) – the same price as in 2012. Come 1 March 2013 the price rises to DKK 1890. A full festival ticket gives access to eight days of experiences and up to 200 music acts. Tickets are sold through Billetlugen.

Queens of the Stone Age return to Roskilde with their psychedelic heavy rock - photo: J. Odell

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