torsdag 21.06.12

Roskilde Cinema programme out now

Roskilde Cinema has grown bigger and bigger over the last couple of years. Not only does Cinema City offer the best experiences in front of the big screen, it offers a lot of film-related activities as well.

The area in front of the cinema is home to old favorites such as the container cinema where Adult Swim and ‘Husets biograf’ alternately cure hangovers and create a party atmosphere for the people there.

The film company, Zentropa, is preparing the ultimate home theater with caravans, big screens and a 'film menu' that gives access to all of Zentropa's films - from 'Klovn' to 'Efter Brylluppet' (After the Wedding) to ...

There will be a movie quiz hosted by and VideoMarathon makes their equipment, expertise and cameras available for aspiring film directors and film talents who will participate in their contest to create the most exciting short film or a new music video for the noise-pop duo, Dig & Mig, in less than 24 hours.

Last but not least, Roskilde Cinema has again been working with CPH:PIX, CPH:DOX and ‘Husets biograf’ to create the best film programme. Film gems of the highest caliber will be shown on the big screen and pre-screenings, surprise screenings and special guest performers will lift the spirits of Roskilde Festival cinema-goers.


Ryan Gosling in the film 'Drive'.

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