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Roskilde Festival 2012 says thank you!

The 2012 Roskilde Festival was about experiences unlike any you'll find outside Roskilde Festival. A programme with everything you could possibly want from the world of music, powerful performance artists, a new and completely inflatable stage, of meeting with resourceful asylum seekers, and thousands of festival guests creating their own festival experience. And despite a bit of rain, all tickets to the festival were sold.

Music, music, music!
More than 200 different artists have just performed at Roskilde Festival 2012. With a brand-new stage for electronic music, Apollo, the music programme now reaches even further across the musical landscape. From Bruce Springsteen to new electronica – and back again.

The performing artists on Apollo were impressed with the sound, the lights - the entire setting, actually. Next year, Apollo will become an even bigger part of the true soul of Roskilde Festival. Expect more bass and more crackling sounds from this futuristic cocoon.

Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa stood up against the stereotypical perception of American rappers. The queen of bluegrass Alison Krauss made grown men shed a tear under Arena's lights. Bowerbirds, Julia Holter and tUnE-yArDs won over new fans at a festival, which – as tradition dictates – also had a big amount of heavy metal in its blood, courtesy of Weedeater, Crowbar and Baroness.

During warm-up, the best new Nordic bands proved that you don't have to be a seasoned player to make an entire Pavilion Junior stage go crazy. With music video recordings and pop-up concerts, the party started, and it is now coming to a climax with DJ Static. In these exact moments, he and a long list of guest performances are shutting down Arena in style.

More highlights at a festival which will surely make 2012 one of finest Roskilde Festivals in history.

All in the name of community
The best of times for the rest of time. Those were the words the American artist Steve Powers chose for his thought-provoking decoration on the grandstand wall opposite Orange Stage, thereby capturing the essence of the Roskilde Festival experience in one short sentence. The exact meaning of the words is up for interpretation, but perhaps Steve Powers is trying to remind everyone not to let go of the friendships made at Roskilde Festival, and the wish to let one self be moved?

American performance artist Charlie Todd carried out his mp3 experiment with great success – and a little bit of chaos. Hundreds of guests had shown up for the flash mob in which they downloaded instructions on an mp3 file. Moments later, everyone made a big, synchronised movement in the crowd, creating much joy and surprise among the audience.

The common rules and regulations at the camping areas were allowed a few days off in Dream City, making way for full-blown creativity among guests. This resulted in an amazing sculpture made entirely of 30 kilos worth of well-chewed chewing gum, a genuine kissing booth, among many other fantastic things.

A big appetite at Roskilde Festival
The food experience at Roskilde Festival is as unique and unforgettable as the concert experiences, and this year the festival presented a number of different food events, all designed to teach the guests more about the food they eat at Roskilde Festival.

The programme involved events such as porridge workshops, a traditional Danish cake buffet, live pig carving and juice pressing. There was clearly a big appetite for these events among guests as they all sold out.

Face to face with asylum seekers
With this year's Statement campaign, Roskilde Festival has sparked the debate on the need for inclusion in terms of asylum seekers living at asylum centers in Denmark. Roskilde Festival promotes inclusion, and about 100 young asylum seekers joined our team of 30,000 volunteers – on the same conditions as everyone else. Both Statement volunteers and asylum seekers have told how they experienced a shift in how asylum seekers were perceived by the guests – not as weak and defeated but as strong individuals willing to fight a courageous battle to become a part of the Danish society.

The will to support the Statement campaign among guests has been fantastic. When buying their tickets to Roskilde Festival, guests were able to donate money to aid organisations working for asylum seekers, and so far DKK 350,000 (approx. EUR 47,000) was donated by guests. The amount donated during the actual festival is still unknown.

The refund collection has celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year, and signs show that the will to donate empty bottles and cans to the turquoise-coloured refund collectors is stronger than ever. The 720 refund collectors have so far collected refund worth more than DKK 500,000 (approx. EUR 67,000) from guests at Roskilde Festival.

290 tons of waste
It's no secret that 130,000 guests and volunteers leave behind large amounts of waste – about 290 tons to be as precise as possible. But even though this is more than last year, studies carried out by Roskilde Festival show that nearly half of the guests find it easier disposing their waste than last year. They know that waste is an important issue they can help solve. Many of the guests put their filled bags of waste outside the tents. The garbage vans came by, picked them up and left new bags. Just like in a real city; and it just happened without Roskilde Festival having planned it. This helped prove that Roskilde Festival is an urban experiment in which the inhabitants create the festival. Not the other way around. The Dome in Art City was supposed to have been a place to relax and chill out. It became a party hotspot. That's what the guests wanted it to be.

Come rain, come…?
"Has anyone seen the weather forecast?" Who knows how many times that question has been asked during the festival. Thankfully, Roskilde Festival 2012 was a sunny affair – even despite the fact that the sun and the blue sky had to give way to more unstable weather conditions passing over the festival grounds after warm-up. Friday was a wet affair with 7.4 mm of rain, but this year Roskilde Festival was spared any cloudbursts. And on Sunday, everyone left Roskilde Festival the same way most had arrived – under blue skies!

Against Drugs
The beginning of Roskilde Festival 2012 was marked by a tragic event when a 20-year-old guest from Sweden died after having used drugs in the camping areas. Roskilde Festival will cut the wristband on anyone caught selling drugs at the festival, and the festival also backs the police patrolling the festival by issuing warning wristbands to anyone caught with possession of drugs.

All tickets were sold
Roskilde Festival sold out this year. On top of 77,500 all-week tickets, 5,000 one-day tickets were sold for Saturday. Between 15 and 20 percent of the guests came from abroad, with Sweden, Norway and Germany as the biggest suppliers of happy festival guests. The profits are expected to be between DKK 8 and 12 million and must be donated before next year's festival.

Thank you for being a part of Roskilde Festival. See you in 2013!

Photo: CphCph

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