onsdag 04.01.12

Roskilde Festival introduces new stage

Apollo is the name of the new music stage that focuses on electronic music.

We present a new stage at this year's festival. Apollo – named after the god of music in Greek mythology – continues our tradition of having an innovative, curious music profile as well as a dynamic use of the land that lies underneath Scandinavia’s biggest music event.

Apollo will primarily present electronic music.

We have promoted leading electronic artists since the early nineties; from The Orb and Daft Punk to Tiësto whom we secured an international breakthrough. Apollo will continue this tradition and present artists that have a big sound but do not take up much space on a stage. 

Flexible outdoor stage
Apollo will be located at the campsite. During the festival warm-up days as a mobile stage – and during the last four days fixed situated at the so-called Agora C near the skatepark.

With Apollo, we now have a flexible outdoor stage that can handle both smaller, introvert electronic acts and a large, festive crowd. The new stage will have a capacity between 3000 and 5000 – its closest stage relatives, size-wise, are Odeon and Pavilion.

Apollo Countdown: mobile "ninja stage" during warm-up
Already during the warm-up days you can experience electronic music with a Roskilde Festival quality stamp. Apollo Countdown is active the same days as the Pavilion Junior stage and becomes what our stage section calls some kind of mobile "ninja stage" that has a new location every day. Following the tradition of Pavilion Junior, focus is on young Scandinavian talents. When the rest of the festival programme begins, Apollo becomes more stable and is fixed at the same spot.

A new member joins Roskilde Festival’s stage family. The idea for Apollo is launched after sparring with enthusiasts from the electronic music scene, and the outline of the stage is drawn in this network. We are very happy about this new platform for today's sharpest electronic acts and we hope you will like it as well.

Photo: Klaus Elmer

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