til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
søndag 01.04.12

Roskilde Festival introduces tax on cigarette butts

Three million cigarette butts in one single festival have an environmental impact. Now Roskilde Festival focuses on the mess - and wants the audience to clean up.

(Don't worry, it was an April's fool hoax)

Roskilde Festival is about to go up in smoke, and it is not good for the environment nor for Roskilde Festival's economy. Therefore, the festival uses unorthodox measures by introducing a so-called 'butt tax' for each cigarette brought into the festival.

The refund is 50 cent per cigarette and will be charged at the entrance. The cigarettes sold from stalls at the festival will have tax added to the price. One half is refund-levied. The 25 cent refund per cigarette butt is paid back by handing in cigarette butts.

The service guards, who check wristbands at the entrances, will also make sure that no cigarettes are brought into the festival area without a 'butt tax' label. We will establish butt tax stations at all entrances. Moreover, our refund stalls will also pay out cigarette butt refund - with a minimum of four and rounded down to the nearest euro.

- There are millions of cigarette butts left at the festival site after a Roskilde Festival, and they constitute an environmental impact, which we want to minimise. With the butt tax and the refund system we want to make our audience aware of the fact that smoking has other consequences that haven't thought of, and secondly, we want to give them a great reason to help us clean up, says spokeswoman Christina Bilde.

Approximately one in four adults in Denmark smoke. If these figures are applied to Roskilde Festival's audience, the festival is visited annually by over 30,000 smokers. If they smoke 100 cigarettes each during a festival, it leaves three million cigarette butts. The tax would then bring in 75,000 euro for the festival - and a further 75,000 euro for the busy butt collectors.

Photo: Rasmus Weng Karlsen

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