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Join Roskilde Rideshare with Ants

Roskilde Festival has partnered with the Scandinavian based ridesharing service Ants, to make sharing a ride to Roskilde easy, green and with special benefits for those using the service.

If you are planning to drive to Roskilde Festival 2013, we encourage you to fill up your car. It's both more green, you'll maybe get to meet new people, and if you are using the Ants ridesharing service you'll gain even more benefits.

Special parking for all Roskilde Rideshare cars
All cars participating in Roskilde Rideshare with Ants are eligible for a reserved, free and centrally placed parking spot, if at least 4 people are sharing the ride. Other than save money on the normal parking fee, it'll make the walk with all your stuff from the car to the camping grounds shorter and easier.

Sign up using Ants and we will keep you informed on how to get to the parking, and what to do when you are there.

Unique opportunity to cars from Germany, Sweden or Norway: Get a free Full Festival Ticket
Roskilde Festival has donated a total of 100 free Full Festival Tickets to citizens in Germany, Norway and Sweden, who uses Ants to share their ride with other guests heading to Roskilde Festival.

Both driver and passengers must have a profile on Ants. When the ride has more than three passengers, Ants will contact the driver in order for him to confirm that everyone in the car has a valid ticket. If everyone has a valid ticket, the driver can claim his free full festival ticket on the day of arrival to the festival. Important: sign-up for this unique opportunity ends 16 June, and are only for the first 100 cars from Germany, Sweden or Norway that sign up!


If you want to share a ride to Roskilde Festival, follow the “How to” guide. 

Join Roskilde Rideshare with Ants

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