til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
tirsdag 20.03.12

Stay in H&M Reboot Camp

Once again we open the gates to H&M Reboot Camp at Roskilde Festival. The camp is an additional purchase on top of your regular festival ticket.

On Thursday at 12:00 you can purchase tickets to H&M REboot Camp.

H&M Reboot Camp is an offer for you who want to have a bit more comfortable stay at Roskilde Festival.

When purchasing an H&M Reboot Camp ticket - an add-on ticket to your normal Roskilde ticket - you can stay at a special campsite a few hundred meters north of Orange Stage. Included in the ticket is a two-person tent, complimentary breakfast and access to shower and toilet facilities for two people (please notice, you must both have regular Roskilde tickets).

The price of an add-on ticket to H&M Reboot Camp is DKK 1,345 DKK + fee (approx. EUR 180).

The area opens on Wednesday 4 July at 16:00 and stays open until the end of the festival. With your regular festival wristband, you also have access to our warm-up days, but you must arrange your own accommodation at the regular campsite.

You can wash your clothes at Berendsen for a voluntary donation. All profits from the camp activities go in full to to HIV/AIDS-related projects.

Anyone with a valid Roskilde wristband is very welcome for a visit at H&M Reboot Camp. All it requires is that you have a wristband, which you get by doing a something for the good cause.


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