onsdag 29.05.13

Street City presents a strong line-up of professional skaters, new music and the hottest DJs.

Once again Street City will offer entertainment from the top shelf, when professional skaters, bold street artists, the coolest dancers, crisp music acts and the hottest DJs light up the party.

World class Skating

Eito Yasutoko (JP), the world's best vert liner, is returning to Street City this year. Montre Livingston (FR) and John Bolino (U.S.) will show their skills on inline skates while Eduard Zunda (LV), Adrian Malmberg (SE) and Mark Reuss (DE) give you a BMX show out of this world.

Street City also presents the stylish vert and bowl riders Sam Beckett (UK) and Alex Perelson (U.S.), the legendary vert rider Neal Hendrix (U.S.) and wild street rider Braydon Szafrański (U.S.). Additionally Street City is once again hosting the Bowl Days finals in Roskilde Festival's great bowl. Here, the country's best bowl riders will fight for the title as the best in this discipline on the skateboard.

Street City delivers the soundtrack to the wildest party

Each evening Street City will present a solid party soundtrack with live acts, ranging from underground punk to hip hop and DJ sessions with the hottest DJs. Sunday you can go crazy with Halshug (DK) for a kick-ass punk night, Monday you can shake ass with Benjamin Kissi (DK) and music collective Yo Fok to tropical sounds. Tuesday night Copenhagen duo Benal (DK) delivers bass-driven hip-hop beats followed by III Street Sessions. Wednesday we conclude the Street City line-up with Ukendt Kunstner (DK) and a DJ session by Flex and DJ Youngblood.

Take part in the events

Artists Søs and Christina from STREET HEART will also pay a visit to Street City this year. They will Monday till Wednesday host a number of workshops between 11-13, where you can be creative and help make Street City an even more colorful experience.

If you'd rather dance, you can participate in the Copenhagen street dance groups Gully Grinders and Colorblind Companys workshops (Mon-Wed), where they will introduce you to hip hop, dancehall, break dance and house. Gully Grinders with friends completes the program with a professional dance battle.

Do you have the courage to try out your skills on a skateboard? Monday till Wednesday you can learn the basic skateboarding skill, when experienced teachers from AFUK and Copenhagen Skatepark show you how to handle the board.

See you in Street City!

Welcome to Street City

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