onsdag 27.03.13

Strong upcoming names join the line-up

We announce a group of bands who will kick off this year’s festival.

All of today’s additions will play either Pavilion Junior or Apollo Countdown, the flagships of new Nordic music on Roskilde Festival. These upcoming Nordic bands will play the Pavilion Junior or Apollo Countdown stages during the first four days of the festival, from 30 June till 3 July.

From the heavy end of the spectrum we introduce black metal-hope SOLBRRUD (DK), who like punk band LOWER (DK) and electronica producer REWOLMER (DK) are the shooting stars of the Copenhagen underground. The dark punk will also come from the other side of Oresund by VANLIGT FOLK (SE). Further East we encounter K-X-P (FI) who punk up the sound of mechanic German music of the 70s.

We are also bringing in a bit of Norway. Here we find strong upcoming acts such as BINÄRPILOT (NO) and TORKELSEN (NO), who each have a personal, icy cold grip on electronic music. Their music reaches from console computer game inspired dancing music to more silent melancholia.

With DJ-duo CAPTAIN FUFANU (IS) and melancholic synth pop from SUMMER HEART (SE) we complete our mini trip around the Nordic upcoming scenes.

But we are not stopping here…

We are ready with a lot more music in the near future. We will announce a lot more bands for Pavilion Junior and Apollo Countdown during the coming weeks and on 18 April we announce the complete line-up and this year’s Roskilde Festival poster.


Roskilde Road Trip

Some of today's bands will also play Roskilde Road Trip.

LOWER (DK) and VANLIGT FOLK (SE) will play in Gothenburg.
BINÄRPILOT (NO) will play in Bergen.
SUMMER HEART (SE) will play in both Gothenburg and Malmö.

Vanligt Folk (SE)

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