til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
torsdag 17.05.12

Throw the dice and win tickets to Roskilde 2012

Come up with your own set of rules to The Roskilde Festival Dice Game, submit them and get a chance to win tickets to this year’s festival.

Every year we experience tons of fun games taking place at Roskilde Festival. We even made a Roskilde Festival board game to add to the fun. But we are convinced that you are even better than us at making cool camp games - so now we challenge you to go just that.

The Roskilde Festival Dice Game is not just one single game – it is several different games made by you and other festival-goers. If you share your rules with us, you have the chance to win tickets to this year's festival.

There two things you need to keep in mind when uploading your set of rules:

  • All submitted rules must include at least one of the six dice. Other objects are allowed as long as they are easy to find when you are at the festival (pen, paper, an old shoe etc.)
  • The rules must be in a digitally readable format (PDF, DOC or JPG), but can otherwise be constructed as you please – fx. it can be only three lines of text in a plain text document or a fancy PDF with graphics and pictures.

Both Danish and/or English rules are accepted, but writing in English will give your game a broader reach.

Win tickets to Roskilde 2012
Upload your set of rules before 31 May 2012 at 23:59. Our jury of game geeks will choose the best sets of rules based on these criteria:

  • Fun factor
  • Playability
  • Innovation

The top three sets of rules will each be rewarded with 2 tickets to Roskilde 2012. In addition to this, we’ll choose two winners by lot among all the submitted sets. These two will each be rewarded with one ticket for this year’s festival.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a typical party and/or drinking game. Think outside the box. What about a strategy game, a bluffing game or maybe a storytelling game? The possibilities are many - and it is entirely up to you!


The Roskilde Festival Dice Game. Photo: Bo Jørgensen

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