til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
onsdag 12.10.11

Submit your music requests

The booking proces for Roskilde Festival 2012 has started, and you can put your touch on next year's poster.

Your opinion about the music programme is important forus. Therefore, we invite everyone to submit their music requests for next year's programme. Anyone with an internet connection can submit their favourite acts directly to Roskilde Festival's booking office.

We accept music requests for next year's festival from 12 October 2011 and until the end of the month.

Ready to go far
Your music requests give us an invaluable knowledge and inspiration. And if there is an often recurring act among the requests, we are ready to go far to get it booked. That was the case with, for instance, Iron Maiden and Arctic Monkeys in 2011.

Unfortunately, we are not masters of everything. So our plans do not always fit with the artists' tour calendars, and often we cannot just call upon artists who are not touring at the moment. Of course, it is always paramount that the artists we book can deliver the goods at Roskilde Festival.

You can submit up to five different band requests once. All artist names have to be spelled correctly, otherwise they are not included in the statistics. Therefore, we ask everyone to consult the album covers one extra time before submitting.

We receive music requests again in January and encourage everyone to keep their finger on the pulse and ears to the speakers in the meantime.


Photo: Morten Kjær
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