fredag 02.12.11

The audience think Bon Iver will play

The audience has guessed on who Roskilde Festival announces for 2012. Round 1 of the guessing contest has just closed.

Roskilde Festival will probably book Björk.

This was the guess by many people when the two Roskilde-goers Martin and Alexander launched a contest among their fellow festivalists. The starting point was simple: Name 15 artists you think Roskilde Festival will announce from 1 December 2011 until 1 April 2012.

Round 1 of the contest has now closed, and the guesses have been counted while we wait for the coming announcements.

Among all participants 588 believe that Bon Iver will be among the coming booking announcements. 482 believe Bruce Springsteen will play while Skrillex is also a frequent guess (458).

Finally, it should be mentioned that Björk, as many know, was announced on 30 November and therefore does not count as a correct guess.


Photo: Khanh Nguyen
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