til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
torsdag 28.02.13

The canopy has been transformed

We now humbly update our well-known symbol and logo.

We have taken a deep breath and made a big decision.

We have changed the canopy in the Roskilde logo. We know that for some this doesn’t mean much, but for others this means a great deal. The canopy symbolises music, unity, lifeblood, diversity and everything else Roskilde stands for.    

We would never completely ditch the canopy. We have nonetheless dared to make some adjustments. The new canopy is accompanied by a new font and the orange hue has become a bit warmer. Nerdy, we know – but think about all the people with canopy tattoos. 

Have no despair if you have a very special relationship with the “old” canopy. It will always symbolise Roskilde Festival, just like all our previous logos

We met with some people who have a canopy tattoo. 

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