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fredag 05.04.13

The Woken Trees and Urban Cone will play Roskilde Festival 2013

We also add fellow upcoming bands Compadre, Ice Cream Cathedral and Navneløs.

The festival-goers have helped pick out the first two bands for Pavilion Junior of today’s announcements.

Both bands have been booked in connection with Tuborg and Roskilde Festival’s OnStage campaign, in which the festival’s music bookers have received the festival-goers recommendations for upcoming Scandinavian bands.   

The festival-goers have recommended 2.467 different bands and almost 7.500 people have taken part in the campaign by giving their arguments as to why their favourite upcoming band should play Roskilde Festival 2013.

More upcoming bands are added to our line-up

URRBAN CONE (SE) and THE WOKEN TREES (DK) have both been booked by Roskilde Festival with the warmest of recommendations from the festival-goers. The two bands range from electronic pop from the Swedes to pitch black post punk from the Danes. COMPADRE (SE) is the second Swedish addition and they mix hip hop, bass pop and Middle Eastern tunes in their self proclaimed ‘Muslim-step’ or ‘Jihad House’. Finally we have two other Danish acts: ICE CREAM CATHEDRAL (DK) play great atmospheric dream pop, while NAVNELØS (DK) explore the genres and incorporate chamber music, alternative rock and much more into their music. An indefinable orchestra from the same origins of Under Byen.

Roskilde Road Trip

Some of today's bands will also play at Roskilde Road Trip.
THE WOKEN TREES (DK) will play in Gothenburg 13 April. COMPADRE (SE) will play in Bergen 20 April and Malmö 18 April. ICE CREAM CATHEDRAL (DK) will play in Hamburg 19 April.

Roskilde Road Trip is Roskilde Festival on the road in Northern Europe, where you can experience one week of free concerts, workshops, art installations and debates.

We're coming to:
Gothenburg (6 - 13 April)
Malmö, Oslo, Bergen (13 - 20  April)
Hamburg (15 - 20 April).



Urban Cone (SE)

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