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Think outside the (trash)box - and win a festival ticket

Show that you can reuse trash created at the festival and participate to win a ticket for this year's festival.

Can a beer can be used as a flowerpot? Can a tent canvas be turned into a lampshade?

'Clean Out Loud 2012’ has launched the contest ‘RE:USE’ and they invite you to submit your ideas on how typical festival trash can be reused.

Each year a lot of trash is left behind when the festival is over, and it is particularly five types of trash that are really difficult to get rid of: tents, beer bottle caps, camping equipment, bottles/cans and openers from cans. These five kinds of trash create the basis for this contest.

What do you have to do to participate?

  • Join the event ‘RE:USE' on Facebook
  • Create a design that consists of one or several of the five types of trash from Roskilde: tents, beer bottle caps, camping equipment, bottles/cans and opener from cans
  • To a smaller extent, it’s allowed to use other materials (such as tape, nails, glue, wire, etc.) to assist in the making of the design.
  • Post photos/videos onto the ‘RE:USE’ event. Videos must not be longer than 20 seconds and you can only post a maximum of 3 photos of the same object.
  • There is no upper limit to the amount of designs you can submit.

You can submit your design(s) until 1 April 2012 after which the Clean Out Loud team will announce two winners. The prize is a ticket for Roskilde Festival 2012 with a reserved spot at the centrally located Clean Out Loud Camp. The winners will also have the opportunity to get 'behind the scenes' as being a part of the Clean Out Loud project and they'll be offered the full experience of Vallekilde Højskole DIY: Event & Design course at a reduced price.

Participate here.

RE:USE is a part of the project 'Clean Out Loud 2012’ that’s organized by 12 students at Vallekilde Højskole DIY: Event & Design. 'Clean Out Loud 2012' aims to make sustainability  at the festival fun and sexy. The students are the designers and event makers of the future. They can juggle many ideas at once and they are taught how to think out of (trash)box.

Foto: Julie Helquist

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