tirsdag 03.01.12

Three winners of a Roskilde dream trip are found

We have drawn lots among all players in the December music quiz. Now the ultimate Roskilde experience awaits three lucky winners.

December was all about music at Roskilde Festival. Not only did we announce solid acts for this summer's festival, we also invited you to play along in a music quiz.

Each day throughout December you could listen to a sound snippet, answer the accompanying questions and hopefully score lots of points.

Each correct answer won you a point. The higher score you got, the bigger were your chances of winning one of the grand prizes. Statistically speaking, you could also win with just one correct answer.

We have now drawn three lucky winners who get:

  • 2 tickets to Roskilde Festival 2012
  • Transportation from your home to the festival and back
  • Tickets for food and drinks
  • Backstage tour at the festival

You can watch the draw below.

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