mandag 30.07.12

Vote for photo of the year

Place your vote and help to choose the very best photo taken by the audience.

What makes a great Roskilde picture? Silly costumes and Roskildelized sports, busy beer bongs in the camps, an intimate moment or grand experiences in front of Orange Stage? The suggestions have been many in our contest for this year's best audience photo.

But photo is the very best one? You decide.

We have picked a larger handful of the many pictures we have received, and they are now entering a final round. We now ask you to vote for your favourite among the exactly 58 candidates.

Follow the link below to our gallery on Facebook. Vote for the image you like best. The photo with the most votes wins the contest of best audience photo. You can vote until (and including) Wednesday 15 August.


Photo: Dan Sørensen
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