til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
mandag 16.01.12

We have found the winning design

The design contest about making this year's audience T-shirt has ended. We will reveal the design at a later date.

Back in November we encouraged all creative souls to submit a design for a Roskilde Festival T-shirt. This contest resulted in hundreds of designs. We've seen designs that make use of everything from oranges, mascots and camping gear to audio cables, sound waves and countdowns. Among many other things.

The winning design is a more daring and surreallistic one. At the same time it is strikingly special. The design is created by Sidsel Bonde.

Sidsel's design is still under development. So you'll have to wait a little longer before you can see the design.

Of course, the winning T-shirt will be for sale in our online shop and you can buy it at the festival this summer as well.

Many thanks to everyone who has submitted designs. Many of them were so good that they could easily work on T-shirts. Let this be an encouragement to go print your own T-shirts.

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