søndag 10.06.12

Win a ride to Roskilde Festival - including all-week tickets

From your home to Roskilde and back - with your very own chauffeur.

Do you want to be driven directly to see Bruce Springsteen, The Cure, Björk etc?

In collaboration with Volkswagen you now have the chance of winning a trip to Roskilde Festival (and home again) - of course including all-week tickets!

We have pimped two up! cars in a design screaming Roskilde! With such a cool look, we want these cars out on the road, and we think that our audience deserves a a ride in our up!

Follow the link below and participate in the competition. We have 2x3 tickets up for grabs, and the lucky winners will get transportation from their home and all the way to the Orange Stage - regardless of whether home is Hamburg or Helsinki.


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