til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
tirsdag 06.09.11

You were pleased with this year's festival

You were slightly more females than males. You come for the music and the atmosphere – and you have enjoyed this year’s festival.

No matter if you are pink or blue, there were almost equally many of you at the campsite this year. That is what our audience survey shows. The gender ratio is roughly fifty/fifty – with a slight predominance of girls. 54 % female creatures were at the festival this year.

The survey is based on responses from approx. 1800 festival-goers and was done every day during the festival week.

There is no doubt that the atmosphere has been absolutely outstanding in the huge festival city. In total 95 % were satisfied with the festival in 2011. Only 1 % thought that this year's Roskilde bombed completely.

So why do you come to Roskilde Festival?

Almost half of you come to experience the not-so-easily-defined orange feeling, which is the full festival package. 15 % says that music alone is what brings them to Roskilde. 32 % come to hang out with friends, and at the bottom of the list we find those who come to relax. This laid-back type is quite rare – they constitute just 1.7%.

We have also asked which three words you associate with Roskilde Festival: Music (65 %), community (41 %) and party (36 %) are the top scorers here.

0.2% of the respondents associate Roskilde Festival with order...

We are currently studying this year's survey and especially all the feedback we have received during the summer. Without your feedback on everything from toilet facilities, waste management, sound levels, beer prices and suggestions for fun activities, Roskilde Festival does not improve year after year. Thank you.

Do you have something on your mind, you're always welcome to write us on info@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk.

  • 54 % of you are girls, while 46 % are guys
  • The average age is 22.8 years
  • 60 % are students
  • 95 % of you were satisfied with Roskilde 2011
Photo: Ivan Riordan Boll

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