til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
tirsdag 19.06.12

Your camping experience is constantly developing - even when you're not there

Roskilde Festival is enriched with the most creative campers in the World. The dialogue-seeking camping guide Camp Codex 2012 is created with you and for you.

Camp Codex 2012 is the product of an ongoing dialogue between the festival and the World’s most creative campers in order to create fewer challenges and more opportunities for the festival-goers on the camping-areas.

In the autumn of 2011 we had a workshop where the camping experience at Roskilde Festival was up for discussion. This resulted in a number of suggestions for the continuous improvement of the camping experience at

Roskilde Festival. Read the Camp Codex 2012 here

How does this affect our festival in 2012?
New initiatives developed from your inputs on the festival this year:

  • Dream City is a brand initiative on Roskilde Festival that will give you and even better platform for unfolding your creativity in the camping-area. Here you can build and create exactly what you dream of.

  • Another wish was better and easier accessible information on the festival-goers own events on the festival. Therefore we have added a new feature to the official app this year. A feature we call Camp Events. Using Camp Events you can upload, share and find parties and events around the huge camping-area.

  • Practical arrangements were also debated on the workshop. What can be done to make camping at Roskilde Festival even better and easier?
    Pavilions generate huge amounts of trash when left at the camping-area. We have tried having a pavilion-deposit, but it turned out not to have the wanted effect. As a consequence of this, we have eliminated the deposit and instead you can now hand in broken pavilions in the garbage trucks driving around the camping areas daily. We still very much urge you to either take your pavilion with you when you leave the festival or hand it in at one of the drop offs.
Foto: Kasper Hemme

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