Are you ready for 9 unforgettable days?

During the 9 days of Roskilde Festival you get to experience around 200 bands on 8 different stages. Besides the music you will also experience a unique mix of art, architecture, events and simply joyful and crazy happenings.

More than music

During the festival about 130.000 festival-goers become one single euphoric collective. The festival-goers contribute enormously to creating the unique atmosphere of the festival, interacting with things happening both on and off the stages. This will let you into a feeling of boundless freedom and emotion – we call this: Orange Feeling.

From Saturday to Sunday

During the first part of the festival the festival-goers build their camps, enjoy the many offers around the camping areas, such as the cinema, the swimming lake and skate park, and experience the parties and concerts of upcoming Scandinavian bands. Then, you can submerge into four days full of music, fun and good spirits.

”I just can’t wait for Roskilde Festival to begin. I love that I can spend the day in Dream City with my friends, have drinks in the sun and listen to music I didn’t know before the concert. Roskilde Festival is like a parallel universe of complete happiness.” - Laura, Roskilde-goer