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Are you a journalist or photoprapher, who want to do editorial journalism at Roskilde Festival, you will have to apply for accreditation through your media. Before you apply you should know our priorities behind approving or rejecting applications.

Approximately 2500 journalists and photographers, including 500 from foreign media, are expected to be covering Roskilde Festival in 2014.

Our focus is to achieve a good combination  of serious journalists and media across genre and interests – rather than getting the largest amount possible to cover the festival.

This means that not every applicant will receive accreditation.

We handle every application individually and critically and in our evaluation we put an emphasis on the following criteria:

  • That the media appears serious and professional.

  • That the application has a specific description of editorial goals, areas of focus and  target audience.

  • That the overall group of accredited media has a representative focus on the focal areas of Roskilde Festival, which are music, volunteering, art, architecture, climate, food, technology and innovation.

  • That Roskilde Festival isn't used as the setting for an activity that might as well take place at any other location.

  • That the applicant at earlier festivals has sent us their editorial content as a proof of their coverage of the festival.

  • That we have received the application before the deadline. 

Each year, we receive a number of applications for accreditation from media and production companies, who wish to make larger producctions (eg. shots for feature films or documentaries) at Roskilde Festival.

These applications take a long time to process since the production is often requiring different and more complex needs for service, counselling, moveability and access.

We therefore urge you to apply as early as possible when you have an idea for a larger media production at Roskilde Festival. 

If you are having trouble understanding why we have declined your application for accreditation for Roskilde Festival 2014 feel free to contact us at accreditation@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk.

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