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After a successful Roskilde Festival 2013 with great weather and lots of happy guests, we aim to present yet another fantastic festival in 2014, when we open the doors. An important part of a successful festival – besides the music – is a wide selection of stalls selling food, clothing, crafts, jewelry etc. to help create that unique Roskilde atmosphere.

Trade stalls are divided into food and non-food stalls, respectively. Here, you will find information about non-food stalls on Roskilde Festival as well as a link to download the application form for 2014 to the right.

Counting guests, staff, artists and media, more than 100,000 people participate on the festival, thus presenting a large customer base. And the average festival goer spends app. DKK 2,850.00 (besides the ticket price) during the festival on food, drinks and various non-food products.

Roskilde Festival would like our initiatives within environment, sustainable trade and humanitarian engagement to also be reflected in our collaborators, the stalls. At the same time, we also want to accommodate our guests’ wishes for many different types of stalls with as many interesting, fun and diverse goods as possible. Further, we want for our guests to be able to return to the stalls that they have come to know over the years and look forward to seeing again in 2014. All these criteria are important – as a whole and separately – when we select stalls at Roskilde Festival 2014.

As mentioned, we keep our focus on sustainable trade, therefore we are very interested in information regarding the sustainability of your products. Please mark this clearly in the application form, and please also elaborate why and how these products are sustainable. For example, if recycling is part of the production of your products, if the production of your products is conducted under approved conditions in a Third World country or if you have a Fair Trade certificate or the like.

All trade that includes copy goods is illegal at Roskilde Festival, just as in our surrounding environment.  Besides the fact that this is against Danish law, it also conflicts with Roskilde Festival’s own regulations, as we want to offer our guests an honest product. Applicants who deal with copy goods will be rejected. Any trader dealing with copy goods at Roskilde Festival’s area will be immediately suspended and the stall will be shut down along with a notification to the police.

At Roskilde Festival 2014 the Trade Section establishes the following non-food trade areas:

The Festival Site 
(4 days of sale: 3 - 6 July both dates included):

By the Grand Stand

The largest and most central trade area of the festival with location in immediate continuation of the audience area for the Orange Stage and with a special focus on mainstream product ranges.

The Trade Island 

A trade area, which is also very popular, with a central location on the west side of the Festival Site – close to the new Avalon stage – with a special focus on stalls with well-known fashion brands.


Intimate trade area by the Pavilion stage offering non-food stalls primarily with second hand and first hand grunge/punk product ranges.

Stable North

Cozy and well-attended trade area with a vast range of non-food stalls offering lovely, classical and colourful festival product ranges including t-shirts, summer dresses, sunglasses etc.

Stable South

Centrally located and attractive trade area at the south of the Festival Site close to the entrance to / from the Camping Site (East) and with a primary focus in 2014 on up-and-coming designers and special projects within sustainable production.

The Camping Sites 
(8 days of sale: 29 June – 6 July both dates included):


A new trade area as of 2013 close to the western entrance to and from the Festival Site where the festival's new Apollo scene (anno 2013) is situated. Focus will be on stalls with audience activating product ranges. The area also holds Roskilde Mini Village.

Camping  East 

Service and trade area on Camping East, which in addition to non-food stalls with wide product ranges also includes a variety of food stalls, merchandise sales, ATM machines, beer sales, refund stall, Samaritan guard etc. and therefore a very popular and well-attended trade area. The area will from 2014 be located close to the new Rising Stage of Roskilde Festival.


Service and trade area on Camping West, which in addition to non-food stalls with wide product ranges also includes a variety of food stalls, merchandise sales, ATM machines, beer sales, refund stall, Samaritan guard etc. and therefore a very popular and well-attended trade area. The area also contains Game City.

The Camping Sites opens to guests on Sunday 29 June 2014 at 18h00 – and from this time all service facilities including food, beer and refund stalls will be open. All non-food stalls in this area must have raised their stall fronts on Friday, 27 June 2014, at no later than 20h00 – and they must open for sale on Sunday, 29 June 2014 at 10h00.

Download a map of Roskilde Festival incl. marked trade areas (pdf, 1 MB)

The trade areas within price group A and C in the application form are areas on the Festival Site (with 4 days of sale where the stall must be open) while the trade areas within group B in the application form are areas on the Camping Sites (with 8 days of sale where the stall must be open).

The price includes (besides a power of max 5,400 watts) the following number of wristbands with access to the enclosed area of the festival:

  • A stall of 3 to 5 front metres: 2 wristbands
  • A stall of 6 to 8 front metres: 3 wristbands 
  • A stall of 9 to 11 front metres: 4 wristbands
  • A stall of 12 to ? front metres: 5 wristbands 

Please note that these wristbands do not include access to the employee camp – these must be booked separately (see more info below). Thus, stall holders must buy tickets for any staff required besides from the wristbands included in the stall price cf. above.

The ticket price is DKK 1,890.00 exclusive fee (if purchased before the 1 March 2014 the ticket price is DKK 1,790.00). Tickets can be purchased via www.roskilde-festival.dk  Please be aware that the festival may be sold out. We recommend that stall holders buy their additional tickets for their staff well before the festival starts. We cannot guarantee that we have any tickets left after 1 May 2014.

You may purchase access passes to the employee camp incl. access to hot bath. Access passes for the employee camp can be booked in the application form – these cost DKK 200.00 per person. You can also book them after having sent the application via the Trade Office on nonfoodtrade@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk – however, no later than 30 April 2014.

When you are offered a stall at the Roskilde Festival 2014 you will receive information about the trade area in which your stall is placed. The exact location of the stall will be informed only upon arrival at the Roskilde Festival’s Trade Office.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your stall is placed in the area that you put down as a first priority in the application form, but we try to make everyone happy – taking the trade area into account and our evaluation of the stalls’ chance for sale. 

Both while planning and during the Roskilde Festival, changes can happen. Not all measures and geographical conditions are known before the event takes place. This means that even if you have received a contract where the stall has been located, the festival reserves the right to relocate stalls up to 30 days before the first day of the festival. The stalls will only be relocated within the overall assigned area. This means relocation will only happen within the Camping Sites or within the Festival Site, respectively.

Any relocation will be notified in writing ASAP. Relocations between the overall areas (from Camping Site to Festival Site or visa versa) release a 20% deduction of the non-food stall price.

As Roskilde Festival wishes to provide as good and precise information to our traders as possible, we try to avoid relocations. However experience has shown that there is no festival without unforeseen incidents. This is why we wish to specify the policy in regards of relocation of the stalls.

All costs for establishing the stall are at the stall holders’ expense. Roskilde Festival does not supply any material, tents or the like for this.

To display the general expression of the Festival, the Festival would like to emphasize that all non-food stalls are to be equipped with a sign at the front of the stall. The sign should be big enough to identify the name of the stall from a reasonable distance.

The stall front is only allowed to display signs with the stall holder's own brand/name, which may be the same brand/name as the product range in the stall. 

If the stall holder wishes to display brands/names on the front other than his own, the stall holder must pay a special branding fee of 25% of the stall price. The stall holder must have filled out in the application form if they wish to use other brands/names on the stall front. 

If the stall holder still goes ahead and displays signs on the front with other brands/names than provided in the application form, an extra fee of DKK 5,000.00 must be paid in cash immediately at the festival on top of the branding fee on 25% of the stall price.

The application form is to be sent no later than 17 February 2014 by e-mail to nonfoodtrade@roskilde-festival.dk or by post to:

Roskilde Festival
Att. Non Food Trade (application)
Havsteensvej 11
DK-4000 Roskilde

Response to your application is to be expected mid March 2014.

Please note that we need descriptions to the entire product range to be sold in your stall and that only products included in the product range description in the final contract are to be sold on the festival.

Further, it is important to include photos of the product range (and not photos of the stall) – regardless of previous participation in Roskilde Festival. Please keep the combined size of the photos below 10MB if sent by e-mail. Applications without photos will not be considered. References to photos on a homepage will not be accepted. Samples of the product range can be sent along with the application to the address mentioned above. Any photos and samples sent to Roskilde Festival by post will not be returned.

Applications received after 17 February 2014 will be read and considered but with significantly less chance of being offered a stall.




17 Feb. 2014:
Deadline for applying

Mid Mar. 2014: Response from Roskilde Festival

30 Apr. 2014: Due date 1st payment (50%) of stall incl. clean-up deposit 

16 Jun. 2014: Due date 2nd payment (50%) of stall

27 Jun. 2014, 20h00: The stall fronts on Camping Sites must be raised 

29 Jun. to 6 Jul. 2014: Roskilde Festival 2014 takes place

29 Jun. 2014, 18h00: Camping Sites open to the public and stalls must open for sales 

2 Jul. 2014, 12h00: The stall fronts on the Festival Site must be raised

3 Jul. 2014, 17h00: The Festival Site opens to the public and stalls must open for sales

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