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Camp Badeanstalten is looking for more people!

Author Message
Written on: 09.05.2014 14:29
Posts: 8
Camp Badeanstalten was an absolute blast last year, and this year we're going to double down on the partying!

We're going for an eclectic mix of 25-35 year olds from all over the world, coming together for a week of dancing, bathing, shenanigans and just having fun and meeting people.

Is it your first year going to Roskilde and you're all alone? Join our camp and make some friends!

Returning for the tenth time but couldn't get your grown-ass friends to come along? Join the club, er, camp!

At the moment we have less than 10 people returning from last year, but we're aiming for 30-40 snorkel-clad strangers coming from all over the world to party under the Roskilde sun.

Hit me up on facebook to get invited to the group

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Written on: 12.05.2014 10:26
Charlotte Lydboelger
Posts: 40
Hey! Your camp sounds like great fun.

I will be returning for the 7th time this year, and for now it seems like i'll be traveling alone, since my friends are not going this year.

I will only attend the festival during the concert-days this year, and i will probably buy a get-a-tent, but it would be nice to have a camp to go visit and party with when i get lonely, or even have someone to go to concerts with. perhaps this could be you guys? Where are you planing on staying?

I'm from Norway, 29, and i love to party and meet new people from all over the World.
Written on: 19.05.2014 15:36
Posts: 8
Yay! A norwegian!

We're going for some place centrally, like G, H or L. It's still being worked out though.

You're welcome in our camp, just send me a message on facebook ( http://facebook.com/luffe48 ) and i'll invite you into the group.
Written on: 23.05.2014 13:38
Charlotte Lydboelger
Posts: 40
Cool, will do that icon_smile.gif
Written on: 25.05.2014 21:47
Posts: 2
It's my first Roskilde, and although from the US I have been teaching English and traveling around Asia since early 2008. I'm slightly over the age range here, but I assure you I'm quite immature. I still laugh at fart jokes and I'm pretty to drink as much Tuborg as humanly possible for a full week.
Written on: 26.05.2014 15:10
Posts: 8
Ahimsa, don't worry, i'm sure you'll fit right in.

Quick facts about the camp:

As of 26. of may, we are about 8 danes, 2 australians, 3 dutch, 2 americans, 5 lithuanians and 2 norwegians, from my quick count. About half of those are returning from last year.

We're about half way to 40 - come join the fun!
Written on: 28.05.2014 23:03
Posts: 8
A little update for those still in need of a camp:

We've merged with Roskilde Mash Up to create a bigger and even more international camp for the slightly more mature festival-goer.

We plan on camping in K or L and we're queuing up at East 1 on the 28th.

We're currently at 32 party people from 9 different countries.

Come join us for some fun in the sun icon_cool.gif
Written on: 31.05.2014 14:49
Posts: 1
Sounds like a fun camp! Can I join?
I'm 19 years old and from Denmark. It's my fourth time on Roskilde and I love parties, fun people and drinking games!
Written on: 01.06.2014 13:51
Posts: 8
It seriously pains me to have to turn a nice girl away, but that is the business i'm in icon_wink.gif

The single thing we discriminate on is age. We're going for a camp with an average age of slightly below 30, the slightly more mature audience.

I don't think you should have much difficulty finding a great camp though.
Written on: 09.06.2014 09:04
Posts: 1

Do you have room for 1 more?
I sent you a message on Facebook.

Im 26 years old, and this year is my 10th festival icon_smile.gif

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