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Topic with many replies

Looking to start a great camp.

Author Message
Written on: 20.05.2013 19:46
Omar Orn
Posts: 20
Hi we are couple of boys and girls in our 30's and are wondering about starting a camp with owsome people or joining a good camp, we all have west 2 entrance booking. would like to mix and match with other people from all over that like to party 24/7 play games, play the guitar and have a lot of fun.
Some of us are 3rd time goers and others for the first time.nee or fun people\camps to mingle with.

most of us are from Iceland


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Written on: 21.05.2013 23:25
Jesse Irwin
Posts: 7
Hey man, my name is Jesse. I sent you a facebook message as well this one. I'm going to be at Roskilde for the full 9 days and i'm looking for some people to camp with. I'm from Hawaii and i'm really happy to be getting out into the world. Let me know if you want to meet up at Roskilde and camp together!

Written on: 22.05.2013 21:36
Omar Orn
Posts: 20
Hey, you are most welcome to join us, we will party hard icon_smile.gif
Written on: 28.05.2013 22:11
Omar Orn
Posts: 20
Our camp finally has a name now we just need fun people to join in on the fun.
Written on: 09.06.2013 03:36
Walka Flocka
Posts: 16
Hey guys, Im Walker. Im also going to roskilde fest for 9 days and am looking for a fun, party-going camp with cool people to stay with. I'm from Seattle, Wa and I stayed in Denmark the last year and was at Roskilde. This is my second year! Let me also know if you want to meet up at Roskilde and camp together!

Written on: 11.06.2013 00:59
Omar Orn
Posts: 20
Hey walker, welcome to the group, you are most welcome to join
You can find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/omarom
best regards Omar
Written on: 16.06.2013 02:38
Omar Orn
Posts: 20
Got folks from Finnland, Denmark, Australia and America joining us now, still mostly boys need some fun girls to join us to icon_smile.gif

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Written on: 23.06.2013 00:58
Posts: 3
Still mostly boys you say? Can't help you there mate, but will do my best to help you score on the festival icon_biggrin.gif

Got room for just one more hippie/rock-ish partydude? I'm from Jutland, Denmark.
Written on: 23.06.2013 14:59
Posts: 2
Hello Omar! This will be my sixth year at Roskilde festival and thanks to unseen circumstances i now stand campless :p And i would love to join your camp! Like Kim said i wont be able to contribute to the girl/boy ratio living in the camp however i do have a girlfriend at home wich makes me the one of the finest wingman out there! Either way im 24 years old from skane, sweden with an massive passion for music and meeting people, just enjoying life while it last i guess ^^
Written on: 23.06.2013 17:05
Omar Orn
Posts: 20
Hay guys you are most welcome of course icon_smile.gif hope you will join us

add yoyr self to http://www.facebook.com/groups/roskildepartygroup/ or add me on facebook.

best regards Omar
Written on: 23.06.2013 18:15
heidi hjerming
Posts: 1
I could use a great camp icon_biggrin.gif .Room for one more?
Written on: 24.06.2013 00:50
Omar Orn
Posts: 20
yes love to have you, contact me on facebook or add your self to our group. look forward to seing you.

best regards Omar
Written on: 25.06.2013 20:34
Mareike Schwarz
Posts: 4
Got room for one more? icon_smile.gif Danish girl 22 looking for an awesome camp icon_wink.gif
Written on: 26.06.2013 11:21
Posts: 12
Hey marika. Please join. Add omar on Facebook or me if you are joining our crazy group. www.facebook.com/baddiplaymo . First group including myself will arrive on Thursday June 27th. we plan on doing a bit of pre roskilde partying the first night in Copenhagen. If you like to meet us on Thursday contact me on FB and i will get in touch once we arrive Thursday evening icon_smile.gif Cheers and Whoop Whoop Lets PARTYYYY icon_eek.gif
Written on: 26.06.2013 17:37
Martin Larsen
Posts: 3
Hi there
Have you got room for any more lonely strangers?

This is my 9th year at Roskilde Festival and I am 31 years old, friendly and sociable, and game for virtually anything.
As I dont have facebook, please contact me here, and you will have the details.
Written on: 26.06.2013 21:23
Omar Orn
Posts: 20
No proplem, we are 15 now, 20 is a good number i understand icon_smile.gif,
we will be going for c90 something
we have a birthday theme icon_smile.gif

just add me as a friend on facebook and i will add you to the group same goes for everyone else
i dont always notice the other folder messages.

best regards Omar

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