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Topic with no new replies

Camp size? :)

Author Message
Written on: 23.04.2014 20:22
joahua raymond
Posts: 2
Hey guys icon_smile.gif

Along with two of my friends we organize to make a camp for our old boarding school. And we're a little unsure of how big arial we should have. In our camp, we are about 50 people who are 18 years old.
What is your bid on how big our camp shoud be? icon_smile.gif

Good day and looking forward to get drunk with you guys in 66 days! icon_wink.gif
Written on: 23.04.2014 20:32
Jim Daggerthuggert
Posts: 637
Well, that really depends. How many of you will be livingn two persons in a small two-person tent, how many will be living alone in a larger three-person tent and so on?

You will need atleast two square meters per person, unless you are stacking up on each other. Then come room between the tents, and room for a "living/party" area. So maby four square meters per person.

That will be 200 square meters, or something like 15*15 meters. You will have a hard time finding an area that big, unless you come cery early snd run like hell or you camp in the bottom of P.

[This article was edited 3 times, at last 23.04.2014 at 20:41.]
Written on: 23.04.2014 20:44
Jesper EH
Posts: 59
Jim Daggerthuggert wrote:

That will be 200 square meters, or 100*100 meters.

erhhmm .... banghead.gif

100x100 meters is 10.000 square meters. 200 square meters is less than half a standard Roskilde square, but i doubt that will be enough. Even the smallest Harald Nyborg tent is 3 square meters, and then you need some space between the tents and some common area. So around 300-400 square meters is a better estimate. That is almost an entire Roskilde square, and you will need to camp in the bottom of P to get that.
Written on: 23.04.2014 20:52
Posts: 661
You could try contacting the organization to see if they can help you out, allowing a few of you early access to the camping area to setup. Although you probably need to come up with a cool concept/theme/camp activities to be granted early access.
Design a layout with all your tents and pavilions that looks cool from an aerial photo for example.
Written on: 24.04.2014 08:17
Posts: 1229
I was in a 50 man camp once. We took up about half of a standard camping square or a little less than that. Come EARLY.
Written on: 05.05.2014 21:59
Posts: 367
Have you camped with so many people before? It can be a good thing or a bad thing. Remember that with so many people it will be hard to organize anything, if you want to organize anything. Also getting from one point to another as a group will take time and planning, and some people resent being told what to do in camps. Especially large camps. People tend to splinter more, but the plus side is someone is almost always around to watch other people's stuff. You will need to get there early with almost everyone present. People will try to take any space left near you and will argue if you do not actually have enough bodies present. Certain areas space is at a premium.

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