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Concerns about Silent & Clean camp J

Author Message
Written on: 09.07.2012 23:30
Rickard Svenningsson
Posts: 5

Hope the team who are supervising the camp areas are reading this. I want to say thanks to all of you who make everything work at the Roskilde Festival. 2012 was my first year and I will probably come back because I had a blast! I´ve never felt so good leaving a festival before and I´ve been to many festivals.

There´s just one thing regarding Camp J/Silent & Clean camp that concerned me very much. We arrived tuesday and you would think that is pretty early but there were not many spots left for seven people. We found a spot at Camp J at last.
We read the sign that said that you must dispose of your garbage and be silent at 22:00.
22:30 we played some music that only our camp heard. If you must know, all our neighbours were there too. You could only hear our music faintly if you walked by which the festival service did. They asked us to turn it completely of. HOW CAN THIS BE? banghead.gif .. There have to be some thinking outside the box? Don´t come say " live somewhere else then " because we tried to find other spots for an hour. We also asked around and noone near us didn´t really wanna stay there either.

I totally like the idea of Silent & Clean Camp. It´s great that there is one of those and it should be there forever. But the festival service should see when to make exceptions.

Yeah I understand. If you make suggestions other people will arrive there and make use of it because they want the "clean" part! But I think though that it´s pretty easy to see/hear which festival goers who care about the rules and don´t.

Written on: 10.07.2012 00:08
Posts: 383
Tuesday hasn't been "pretty early" at Roskilde for a decade icon_wink.gif, but that's not your fault - and beside the point.

As I see it: In an ideal world, there should always be exceptions. At Roskilde - and all other festivals I can think of - there can't be. Volunteers will be given a set of rules to maintain and those rules will be strict.

- Because in a lot of cases (especially for e.g. the volunteers who guard the entrances) there isn't time to argue about how to interpret those rules. And morons will try to push the limit and turn the music right back up again as soon as the guard has left. It's a bit harder to push the limit when the limit is "turn it off".

- Because, being volunteers and not full time employees, they won't be there a few days later to keep the enforcement of rules consistent.

- And, not least, because exceptions are a vicious circle. If you make an exception, in a few hours you'll have a dozen other camps complaining about how one isn't/wasn't made in their case. Because there are different interpretations of "faintly", "reasonable amount of beverages brought to the festival site" (yes, I still hate that particular restriction too), "reasonable room to escape in case of fire", "reasonable amount of pavilions per camp", etc.

Roskilde guests are getting less reasonable every year, and their "faintly" threshold is raised every year - as evidenced by e.g. the sound level of audience chattering at concerts, the sound system inferno, and so on. That means those of us who are still... reasonably reasonable - including you - will be hampered by rules set up to make the festival enjoyable for us.

I would love a festival without a lot of the rules that have been introduced the past decade, and I'd love more "thinking outside the box" - but as long as some people go out of their way to be morons and try to bend every slightly vague rule, it's not going to happen. icon_confused.gif
Written on: 10.07.2012 13:17
The Rehabilitation of Luis Suarez
Posts: 2506
Quiet area

Area J (Silent & Clean) is a special camping area that calls for a cleaner living and silence at night without noisy parties and loud music. The area's service guards will take action against noisy behaviour and can exclude people from the area if the rules are not followed. The basic rule of thumb: If you don't appreciate a calmer atmosphere, set camp somewhere else.


It really is that simple!

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