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Get a Tent - East advise needed

Author Message
Written on: 17.06.2014 16:24
Søren Lindgreen
Posts: 1
we are staying in a, Get a Tent - Large ( East)

and we were wondering how much space there is around the tents?
are there room for sitting around or are they very close together?

hope somebody knows!

Happy festival! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 18.06.2014 07:58
Charlotte Lydboelger
Posts: 40
Not much space

Written on: 23.06.2014 11:43
Juha Mustonen
Posts: 1
Hi! Last year we had a large tent in "get a tent" area and there was lot of space between large tents. The small and medium tents are like in Charlotte`s picture, but bigger ones has LOT of space. Only minus is that they are probably placed on the side of the area so there will tons of people peeing in your back yard icon_smile.gif But thats camping life so…
Written on: 23.06.2014 14:48
Charlotte Lydboelger
Posts: 40
My picture scares me. I've booked a small. How the hell am i gonna find my way home in the middle of the night drunk? icon_razz.gif
Written on: 23.06.2014 15:03
Mattias Svensson
Posts: 52
Not that hard. Count the tents. Third tent from the edge or whatever icon_wink.gif
Or you could buy some reflective tape and decorate the tent and bring a small flashlight icon_wink.gif
Written on: 24.06.2014 07:55
Charlotte Lydboelger
Posts: 40
I have a question about Get A Tent for someone working for the festival.
When you arrive, you pick the tent you want. But how do you know the tent isn't taken? I arrive quite early thursday, do I really have to go stick my head in the door at every tent to check if it's available, and risk waking people up in the tents who are taken? If that is so, that will be quite embarrasing.
If its like that, I have a suggestion, that still can be done in time, and is an easy sollution to this: Print out alot of red stickers, enough for every tent in the Get A Tent-area. When people come with their wouchers to pick their tent, give them a red sticker and tell them to put it on the door of the tent they choose. That way, people can easily see which tents are occupied, and which tens are available! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 24.06.2014 08:37
Mattias Svensson
Posts: 52
Well the last 2 years Ive used GaT I was guided to a vacant tent so you dont have to worry about that.
Written on: 24.06.2014 08:41
Charlotte Lydboelger
Posts: 40
Mattias Svensson wrote:

Well the last 2 years Ive used GaT I was guided to a vacant tent so you dont have to worry about that.

Awesome, thanks!
Written on: 24.06.2014 12:46
Posts: 67
One year two friends and I painted (sort tush) KURT, BENT and JENS one each of our tents. We are women, great funicon_biggrin.gif

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