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Topic with many replies

New camp...join???

Author Message
Written on: 27.05.2014 09:43
Posts: 21
You've been added to the camp icon_smile.gif
Sunday evening isn't a problem.icon_wink.gif
Written on: 27.05.2014 12:30
Posts: 1
Hi there!

We saw your post and though it was an awesome idea!

We are two danish girls in extremely need for a camp! Our plans were a camp with a bunch of our friends but that plan has fallen apart, and since we already have our tickets we are in other words desperate icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif I have been to the festival before, but it's my friends first time, but I can secure she'll love it icon_smile.gif

If you have room for an extra tent and two open and friendly girls we would be happy to join the camp!

Cheers! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 27.05.2014 23:36
Posts: 21
Hello Caroline,

Yes ofcourse You can join!! And your friend as well.
What is your Facebook name?? Or f ind us: camp shizz. icon_wink.gif)
Written on: 28.05.2014 00:19
Posts: 2

I am a 25 year old guy from the Netherlands looking for a nice camp! I am going to Roskilde on my own and would like to be there with a nice group of people in a nice camp. Your camp looks very nice, and therefore I would very much like to join. So, do you have a spot left for me?! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Written on: 28.05.2014 11:59
Posts: 21
Hello thom we still have a spot left if You Will arrivé at the beginning of warm up
Written on: 28.05.2014 13:19
Posts: 2
That sure was the plan. Already got an entrance ticket for west! I will apply for the facebook group.
Written on: 28.05.2014 19:10
Posts: 21
Ok Tom Added you..Caroline can you find the fb page?
Written on: 31.05.2014 13:14
Posts: 21
Only 29 days left ! If interested in joining pleasereply or add the group on fb. We're still looking for some new pole! Aighhht
Written on: 01.06.2014 14:41
Posts: 5
Hello Camp Shizz
We are two guys, 19 and 23 looking for a camp to join.
This is our 6th time at Roskilde Festival, and the camp we was supposed to join split up so now we're looking for another camp to join. We would be very glad if we could join yours. We've applied to your group on Facebook. (My name is Charles A Snittefar on FB). Hope to see you at RF#14.

Written on: 01.06.2014 15:03
Posts: 21
Hey I've added you guys to the group..we camp at J so if that's a problem then we suggest another camp. But welcome!!!!
Written on: 03.06.2014 14:05
Posts: 3
This sounds pretty great!

I'm going alone, my second Roskilde f.
Danish girl, Århus, 29 years, and just wanna have fun and meet new people icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

Written on: 04.06.2014 11:28
Posts: 21
Louise, You're added to the camp!!!
If anyone else is interested f ind us on fb or replay to this message.
Written on: 06.06.2014 09:43
Posts: 332
Just saying; join camp shizz.
Written on: 10.06.2014 22:44
Posts: 2
Hey are you still looking for new camp-members? if so, i would be happy to join. I love the concept icon_smile.gifhow many are attending so far? btw. I'm 20 year-old and Danish. Cheers
Written on: 11.06.2014 16:49
Posts: 332
We're with 15 now so if you want to join find camp shizz on fb. Or leave your fb name here
Written on: 12.06.2014 16:52
Posts: 2
Hey, I've requested to join camp shizz on facebook. Me and my girlfriend are coming to Roskilde for the first time. She's 23 and half Norwegian, half South African and I'm 22 and half Swedish, half English. We're both super easy going and up for an awesome time, and love our sleep. Do you reckon we'd fit in icon_biggrin.gif

Cheers, Sam
Written on: 12.06.2014 21:41
Posts: 12
Room for two more? We are two guys from norway, 18 years old. First timers at roskilde. We are arriving at saturday or sunday. We like to party, and make friends easily!

Kind regards, norwegian blokes.
Written on: 13.06.2014 09:23
Posts: 21
Hi sam and brave..our camp is kind of full we still have space for girls so if anyone is interested...add yourself to camp shizz or reply here.
Written on: 13.06.2014 09:55
Posts: 332
Yes as long as youre a girl icon_wink.gif)
Written on: 13.06.2014 17:20
Posts: 332
Sam can you do the request again??? it turned out we still have room in our camp...


And further the above still countsicon_wink.gif
Written on: 17.06.2014 11:41
Posts: 8
we had some last minute cancellations so we have some space left in our camp! Find us on facebook.
Written on: 21.06.2014 00:03
Sarah C.
Posts: 1
Hey guys! icon_smile.gif
If you still need more campers, my friend and I are both looking for a place to stay.
We are two girls, 20, and from Denmark, and we like to meet new people and have a drink icon_wink.gif
I don't know if it is a problem, but we're there as volunteers and have to work to late night on sunday the 29th so we would first be able to join you later that evening.
Hope to hear from you! icon_smile.gif
-Sarah and Louise
Written on: 23.06.2014 14:08
Posts: 6
Hey icon_biggrin.gif

We are 2 danish girls looking for a camp, do you still have room for two more??
We plan to arrive Sunday.
Which area do you plan to stay in?
Written on: 23.06.2014 19:26
Posts: 332
We stay in J...find us on fb..camp shizz
Written on: 29.06.2014 17:56
Mads Maretti
Posts: 6

I am looking for a camp!
Are there room for one more in yours?
I am a 31 year old guy from Aarhus and this will be my 11'th roskilde.
you can catch me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/madsmaretti

best regards

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