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Newbie help!

Author Message
Written on: 24.01.2013 11:01
Posts: 2
Hi people!
We are 4 18 year old girls who are going to Roskilde for the first time. (and we are very excited!)

We're trying to get a hang of all this, but people say 500 different things, so its very hard to find out.

We have a tiiiny camp, as you hear, we are only 4 chicks icon_wink.gif

We are looking for a place to set up our camp, (or camp, it's a big tent and a pavillion haha)

We were hoping to find a place where things happen, but we still would be able to get a couple of hours of sleep..
Anybody know were to go?
and please, if you have mpre newbie tips, BRING IT icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 24.01.2013 11:27
Posts: 380
Alright if you plan to stay in east the party is going on in L, but be warned it's a right mayhem. So in order to sleep you might want to get a spot in N or M, which is fairly close to L. K should be alright as well.
In general the closer you get to the actual festival area, the wilder the party. Meaning that G is a party as well, but I haven't camped there so I'm not entirely sure.
If you live in the northern end of P you'll be close to the shops which is pretty handy.

Here's a map to figure out what I'm on about.

You might want to have a look in this thread as well.
Written on: 24.01.2013 13:56
Jim Daggerthuggert
Posts: 637
oMG lEmMe fERsT lOL, wTf SUp w/ dA N00bS¿ DeY R tTly 404. srSlY PmL!
Written on: 26.01.2013 10:53
Posts: 391
Jim Daggerthuggert wrote:

oMG lEmMe fERsT lOL, wTf SUp w/ dA N00bS¿ DeY R tTly 404. srSlY PmL!

Written on: 28.01.2013 22:37
Posts: 106
There are loads of topics like this where you can find info for festival newbies so look in the archives and become wise. icon_smile.gif

Other than that...you need to understand that you can find a party in like 5 minutes no matter where you camp. There is no "right place" to camp...it IS different, but it changes from year to year. If you want to sleep though, you will want to stay out of the central areas like G.

But seriously...you are 4 young girls, so you will easily find a party that will welcome you. Don't worry. Roskilde is probably one of the only places in the world where you can find a party at any given time of the day. People are friendly and almost nothing you do will be considered wrong in any way. You are going to love it.

I hope you will all have a great first Roskilde Festival. icon_smile.gif

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