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Topic with many replies

Sassy bitches looking for company

Author Message
Written on: 02.05.2013 11:04
Posts: 4
We already have a post here but now we'll do it again! icon_cool.gif

We are four sassy girls in the age of 18-19 years. icon_wink.gif And we are all by us self and needs some company. We would really like a mixed gender-camp so at the moment we feel that we need some guys. But girls are welcome as well!
We have to work some of the days at Dixie Burger so we'll be away some of the time.
We would find it interesting if you came from another place than Denmark but Danes are cool as well!

About us:
Our names are Diane, Emma, Lærke and Josefine. We go at the same gymnasium in the same class (2.g) and we're kind of game on everything! And we live on Fyn!
We like to think about us self as a bunch of crazy and funny girls who get a long with almost all kinds of people.icon_razz.gif
We like to drink beers like the most of you, guys!

If you would like to camp with us and have a wild and crazy festival so send us a message!
Maybe we will bring a little present for you all! And some of us have the tendency to be naked. so maybe you're lucky?

Check us out!icon_cool.gif
Written on: 02.05.2013 14:45
Posts: 8
WTF! Hahahahaha! If the festival were in Spain (my country) you d have a thousands replys already.
Unfortunately I ll be working aaaaall the festival as taxi bike driver, so i don t want to be disturbed seeing you naked around, it might cause a failure on my legs (2 of them), otherwise I would definetely gather with you.

However your message was so funny that i d like to ride you for free at some point of the festival you might need help or the day you arrive. If interesed I ll checked you on fb.

Happy festival and good luck finding happy people!
Written on: 02.05.2013 14:52
Posts: 4
Oh! We would love some help the day we arrives!
You know... We're four girls with a lot of stuff!
Written on: 02.05.2013 15:03
Posts: 8
Which day are u arriving? I ll add you on Fb!
Written on: 03.05.2013 10:15
Posts: 4
I think we arrives the first day. So it's sunday. : D Just add me, I'm Josefine!
Written on: 03.05.2013 10:50
Posts: 3048
That would be the 2nd day icon_wink.gif

The gates open on Saturday at 18:00. People usually queue up for a spot from Friday but most arrive during Saturday afternoon.
Written on: 05.05.2013 09:09
Posts: 6
I sent you a message on Facebook Josefine! icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 05.05.2013 16:07
Posts: 13
DEAR Josefine

Please join this camp. PLEASE!! icon_biggrin.gif



https://www.facebook.com/jamil.joukhdar - Thats me..

Its 3 guys, 3 girls thus far. It should get bigger soon!

[This article was edited 2 times, at last 05.05.2013 at 16:11.]
Written on: 11.05.2013 13:35
Deleted user hello folks,

we are two friends from norway attending the roskilde festival this summer. we will be camping there whole week. we like to get in touch with girls interested to share and hang out with us. we like to party and open for everything


Written on: 12.05.2013 20:14
Posts: 4
Antonio wrote:

However your message was so funny that i d like to ride you for free at some point of the festival

... nice dude
Written on: 15.05.2013 12:56
Posts: 4
Hejsa icon_biggrin.gif har skrevent til lærke på facebook. Min meddelse ligger inde under beskeder, og så inde under "andet". Man får ikke en notifikation om det, når vi ikke har fællesvenner nemlig icon_lol.gif
Written on: 18.05.2013 09:04
Dirty Diana
Posts: 14
Hello, we're two guys from Belgium around 22 y.o., should be nice to party with you! We add you on FB so we can plan something icon_biggrin.gif Ttys!
Written on: 24.05.2013 19:21
Posts: 46

We are Camp Wolfpack. Smaller camp but great camp. Check us out and have a few beers!
Written on: 17.06.2013 08:21
Posts: 2
Hey Josefine. I wrote you a message on facebook. Please check the "others" section icon_biggrin.gifD

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