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Topic with many replies

Everyone loves statistics!

Author Message
Written on: 13.11.2011 16:38
Nikolai Luthman
Posts: 41
http://nikolahl.at.ifi.uio.no/roskilde/count.php - list of guess count per artist.
http://nikolahl.at.ifi.uio.no/roskilde/scoreboard.php - list of user and correct guesses
http://nikolahl.at.ifi.uio.no/roskilde/misspellings.php - Artists I was unable to identify correctly..
http://nikolahl.at.ifi.uio.no/roskilde/users.php - With this you can check if I was able to parse your guesses correctly and might be helpful to see if you made any spelling errors.

For instance if you guessed for foo fighters, but only two others have guessed it, that might be a hint something is wrong. Note that I do a lot of normalization (remove accents, all uppercase, remove "special characters" etc., + to AND) so even though it's parsed correct there, that's no guarantee the spelling is correct. (Update: I ran all the names through last.fm with autocorrect on, so now even more misspellings are corrected).

If I was unable to parse your guesses correctly, make sure you use the notation specified in the guess thread:
1. Band 1
2. Band 2

Note that each band has to be on their own line.

(Seems there was an error in the script, so the parse dates before saturday are not accurate :/)

Seems the offical database has managed to parse more guesses than I have, but I think the sample size gives a sufficient accuracy for making some observations. I'll still try to make some improvements though, but I won't bother with doing anything with the scoreboard atm.

If you have any use for the full data set, you can download a sqlite db at:

It's not fully normalized, because I changed the design quite a few times, but you should still be able to make some sense of it.

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Written on: 14.11.2011 09:54
Posts: 483
Written on: 14.11.2011 10:37
Martin Horn Pedersen
Posts: 1273
nuth... do you realy think we are not gonner post the score? Or that we will cheat or whats up whit the score link...
Written on: 14.11.2011 11:30
Posts: 1750
nuth - nice work, but pretty pointless. People can (and will) still change their guesses up until the deadline.

And note everyone - this is NOT the official score! This is made for fun and is irrelevant to the scoreboard in the original thread.
Written on: 14.11.2011 11:39
Nikolai Luthman
Posts: 41
All the guesses are re-entered each time, so people who change their post are accounted for. And the scoreboard is just for me if I want to see things you don't post. just thought I'd share it in case someone was interested. No disrespect Roskilde <3

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 15.11.2011 at 21:53.]
Written on: 15.11.2011 19:16
Posts: 168
Nice job mate!
Written on: 17.11.2011 20:29
Posts: 40
Nice, statistics is important! Good job.

I've never seen so many different spellings of RHCP before... icon_frown.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 17.11.2011 at 20:30.]
Written on: 07.12.2011 00:54
Morten Friis
Posts: 73
I, for one, love these kind of statistics - thanks for the effort mate.

Also, am I really the only one counting on Lushlife being announced? No More Golden Days is easily my favorite hip-hop album of 2011 (though, admittedly, I'm usually not really that much of a hip-hop fan).
Written on: 09.11.2012 15:04
Nikolai Luthman
Posts: 41
Hey, I'm back with statistics: http://nikolahl.at.ifi.uio.no/roskilde2/count.php

Haven't gotten around to fixing the issues from last year yet, but I will soon!
Written on: 28.11.2012 20:58
Posts: 40
It seems to be broken, the last week Daft Punk has topped with 13 guesses.
Written on: 25.01.2013 03:52
Posts: 19
Haha loving all the misspelt ones in the bottom! icon_wink.gif

And +1 for the guy who wrote CLUTCH BY JESUS LET CLUTCH PERFORM! icon_biggrin.gif

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