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Topic with many replies

Concert rating '13

Author Message
Written on: 03.08.2013 13:44
Jonathan Søgaard
Posts: 99
Warm up

Solbrud 4/6 - I'm not into this genre at all, but actually enjoyed the concert
Woken Trees 3/6 - Ok concert. They clearly have potential
Baby in Vain 3/6 - Ok concert

Thursday - Sunday:

Mookomba 5/6 - Great concert. Dancing dancing dancing.
Kendrick Lamar 5/6 - So f******* awesome that he had a band playing with him.
C22 3/6 - Ok concert. I danced, and had a good time, but wasn't that memorable.
Ingrid 1/6 - Had to leave. Couldn't hold my interest.
Felipe Cordeiro 3,5/6 - Very fun concert, and actually a shame so few people attended. Won't be memorable (thus the low rating), but got friday of to a dancing start.
Jonathan Wilson 3/6 - Clearly talented. Glad I caught this one.
Bobby Womack 5/6 - Why is he not allowed to keep playing? The show was awesome, and this old man still knows how to do a concert. In a tent this concert would surely evolve into a 7/6!
Rihanna 2/6 - I think the rating of this concert will vary depending on who you watch it with. I saw it with sceptics, and I/we simply wasn't drunk enough to see past backing track, delay and youngster hysteria. We had to leave.
Bixiga 70 6/6. Dance dance dance. They were tight, skilled and could easily have played another hour. I would have stayed and danced until sunrice.
Action Bronson 1/6. Left this one. So so Disappointed.
Kris Kristoffersen 3/6. Nice music to just chill/relax/sleep to.
Danny Brown 5/6. In Fucking credible. Seriously. I always have a day with "hangovers of death", and this was that day, and I was sure I wouldn't get in mood again. BUT at the end of this concert I was sweating from going crazy, almost drunk again and in a fantastic mood. This guy is crazy with energy. Count me a regurlar to future concerts with him.
Quadron 3/6. Ok but extremely crowded, and technical problems.
Sigur ros 6/6. I loved it. Such a big gamble not seing Metallica, but they really put up a fantastic show. The new and more "hard" sound is really incredible.
Uncle Acid... 4/6. Slow start, but the second half was amazing!
James Blake 3/6. Nice concert, but belonged in a tent at night.
BRMC 3/6. Nice concert, but it actually got a bit boring.
QOTSA. 5/6. Only minus was the length. i would have loved at least 30 min more. Come on Roskilde.
Miguel 4/6. Surprisingly good. A bit to much flirting with the young girls in stead of playing.
Dubioza Kolektiv 5/6. Amazing. Great concert. Had no idea I could still dance at this point, but I could. Shame that so few stayed for this one
Vodoo Glow Skulls 2/6. Very few people left, and the band couldn't keep me interested.

Regret missing:

Metallica, Disclosure, Jake Bugg, Efterklang, National, Crystal Castles

All in all: Best festival ever (out of 7)...

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