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Topic with no new replies

Counting down to Springsteen!

Author Message
Written on: 03.07.2012 13:16
Michael Niebuhr
Posts: 16
Day-by-day updates.

1 week to go: http://michaelniebuhr.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/en-uge-til-springsteen-pa-roskilde-se-tre-setlister-og-drom-dig-til-resten/

5 days to go: http://michaelniebuhr.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/fem-dage-til-springsteen-og-non-historierne-begynder-at-piple-frem-f-eks-thorning-takker-nej-til-springsteen-i-b-t-suk/

4 days to go: http://michaelniebuhr.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/fire-dage-til-springsteen-springsteen-satire-med-manden-selv-og-bedre-vejr-i-udsigte/

3 days to go: http://michaelniebuhr.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/occupy-roskilde-tre-dage-til-springsteen-pa-roskilde/

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Written on: 03.07.2012 14:59
The Rehabilitation of Luis Suarez
Posts: 2506
I see you liked my weather report icon_wink.gif
Written on: 03.07.2012 15:00
Mr. Monster
Posts: 944
A good forum rule is only one thread per topic. So far we got three on Springsteen (two made by you`)
Written on: 04.07.2012 14:46
Michael Niebuhr
Posts: 16
Top Secret Identity wrote:

I see you liked my weather report icon_wink.gif

Very much!
Written on: 05.07.2012 12:25
Michael Niebuhr
Posts: 16

2 days to go: http://michaelniebuhr.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/to-dage-til-springsteen-en-dag-med-the-cure-en-dag-med-fandens-skybrud-og-sa-en-dag-med-audiens-hos-mesteren/
Written on: 05.07.2012 12:43
Mr. Monster
Posts: 944

I really hope that you get a much more positive festival than what your blog implies. If you stop by caravan and see an Ozzy flag, stop by for a beer.

Music wise, you got to see more than those two shows!

may I suggest (with what I get from your music taste in mind)

- Kellermensch opening Orange (or The Shins)

- Hank 3
- The Cult
- Jack White (or The Vaccines)
- Mikael Cronin (or Malk de Koijn)

- Dry The River
- Alison Kraus & Union Station
- Cold Specks
- Mew
- Lee Fields

- Dr. John
- Lars Winnerbäck (sort of like a young swedish Springsteen)
- Magtens Korridorer
- Alabama Shakes

P.S. Maybe I should ad I'm a huge Springsteen fan and I can't wait for saturday!

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 05.07.2012 at 12:45.]
Written on: 05.07.2012 14:53
Michael Niebuhr
Posts: 16
Thanks for your suggestions. I should probably have stressed, that the only two planned concerts for me are The Cure and Springsteen.

I mean to stop by Janelle Monae and Tune-Yards if time, weather and such permits. I saw them both last year - Janelle opening for Prince and Tune-yards at Vega.

Kellermensch opening Orange Stage will be hard to miss, and Alabama Shakes will be better suited for my tastes than Björk if I make it to Sunday night.

Friday I'm going home for a dinner with friends visiting from Norway, so I'll miss both the heavy rainfall and Jack White unfortunately.

I'd forgotten about Alison Krauss. What a darling. I hope to see her and her sweetly-playing dobro-man too.

And I will lookout for an Ozzy-flag blazing from a caravan. Do you know which letter your camp is in?

Have a great festival everybody!
Written on: 06.07.2012 18:45
Michael Niebuhr
Posts: 16
One day to go: http://michaelniebuhr.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/en-dag-til-springsteen-pa-roskilde-vi-far-hjaelp-til-at-taelle-ned-af-ben-stiller-og-torsdagens-setliste-fra-paris-bercy-granskes/
Written on: 07.07.2012 13:41
Michael Niebuhr
Posts: 16
The final countdown:

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