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Rob Zombie, The Black Dahlia Murder og Corrections House

Author Message
Written on: 22.01.2014 09:03
Martin Horn Pedersen
Official RF person
Posts: 1273
Written on: 22.01.2014 09:15
Posts: 1261
It's gonna be a fucking blast!!!

All three bands are great! oh, btw.. go and read Aleg-One's review of the Zombie-show last time they played in Denmark!
Written on: 22.01.2014 09:24
Posts: 1750
This is going to kick balls beyond anyones ball-kicking comprehension! All three acts are sublime!
Written on: 22.01.2014 10:16
Christian Forslund
Posts: 342
Very good bookings today: I'm looking forward to Zombie, who is my first mustsee and I'm probably also going to see the other two acts icon_smile.gif
Written on: 22.01.2014 10:33
Cliché Guevara
Posts: 174
yawn. i guess i would check out black dahlia murder and rob zombie for their live shows if nothing else was playing, but otherwise they do nothing for me. corrections house sounds fairly interesting though.
Written on: 22.01.2014 11:07
Martin Horn Pedersen
Official RF person
Posts: 1273
I am looking very much forward to Rob. I was at the show in Valby with Aleg-one and Weiss and it was awesome! So looking very much forward to a Roskilde show icon_biggrin.gif

The Black Dahlia Murder I need to check out more
Written on: 22.01.2014 17:39
Posts: 61
Rob Zombie was a debt from 2011, Great. Really into Corrections House, everything involving Scott Kelly is interesting. Black Dhalia, well, Ok.

Not bad batch of confirmations.

Still annoyed watching Major Lazer as headliner, tough. As we say in Spain, they haven't even tied any important match but now the headline one of the biggest music festivals? C'mon, Trentemoller is enough and he has proved that he really is an excelent electronic headliner for the Orange Stage.
Written on: 03.04.2014 17:12
Posts: 712
Rob Zombie has cancelled his gig in Finland a week after Roskilde. Don´t know why he won´t come.
Written on: 03.04.2014 18:06
mathias s
Posts: 35
Wallu wrote:

Rob Zombie has cancelled his gig in Finland a week after Roskilde. Don´t know why he won´t come.

Not only Finland, he's also cancelled Poland and two Russian gigs. The closest one being two days after his show at Roskilde.


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