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Topic with many replies

Your schedule

Author Message
Written on: 09.06.2013 10:45
Posts: 824
Alright, let's give it a shot.
This is what I'd like to see partly or in whole, in a perfect world. But then there's alcohol, fatigue, weather, peer pressure, food, distractions and the fact that I usually bail early on sundays.

18.00 Suicidal Tendencies
19.00 The Lumineers
20.00 Savages
22.00 Slipknot
01.00 Ingrid

12.00 The Soul Rebels
13.00 Henry Rollins
14.00 Highasakite
17.00 Turbonegro
18.30 Of Monsters and Men
19.30 Maskinen
21.00 The Dillinger Escape Plan
23.00 Kreator
02.00 The Blue Angel Lounge

14.00 Hatebreed
15.00 Parquet Courts
17.00 Goatwhore
19.30 The National
20.30 Kvelertak
22.30 Metallica
01.30 Goat
02.00 Chase & Status

12.30 Ensiferum
14.30 The Sword
16.00 Airbourne
18.00 Kid Koala
19.00 QOTSA
22.00 Kraftwerk

Not alot of musts this year, so if I see 10+ of all of this I'm happy.
There's always next year, amiright?
Written on: 09.06.2013 17:24
Morten Friis
Posts: 73
16:00 Navneløs
16:30 Compadre
17:30 Broke
18:00 Rewolmer

.... probably missing most of Compadre and Rewolmer.

17:30 Urban Cone
18:00 Robeat Boys
19:00 Dråpe
22:00 MØ
22:30 Lemâitre

Arrive late at Robeat Boys and leave MØ early (as much as it saddens me).

20:30 Bendik

19:30 Ghost Venue
22:00 Baby In Vain

18:00 Suicidal Tendencies
19:00 The Lumineers
20:30 Kendrick Lamar
22:00 Disclosure
23:00 C2C
01:00 Ingrid feat. Guests

Really sad to miss out on Baauer, Savages, Chinese Man, Jake Bugg and Slipknot.

16:00 S O H N
17:00 Jonathan Wilson (I'm passing Orange where Turbonegro is playing, and might stick around to watch that instead)
18:00 Metz or Killer Mike (still undecided)
19:00 Talbot
20:00 El-P
01:30 Crystal Castles
02:30 Simian Mobile Disco

Missing out on Om Unit, Bobby Womack, Maskinen and either Turbonegro or Jonathan Wilson

14:00 Hatebreed
17:00 Ásgeir Trausti
21:00 Unknown Mortal Orchestra
22:30 Metallica
02:00 Chase & Status
02:30 When Saints Go Machine (if Chase & Status turns out to be disappointing)

Hoping to catch Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$ on Cossmopol, but it's difficult to tell exactly when they're playing. Will also miss out on Efterklang, Goatwhore, Kvelertak, Pissed Jeans, Goat and Sigur Rós.

13:00 Wintergatan
14:30 James Blake or Flume (still undecided - worst clash in my time at Roskilde, I believe)
16:00 Azealia Banks ... or
16:30 John Grant ... or
16:30 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
18:30 Blood Command
19:00 Queens of the Stone Age
20:30 Miguel ... or
21:00 THE BOTS
22:00 Kraftwerk

I'm so upset about James Blake and Flume clashing, it's hard to describe. Will probably end up skipping James Blake. Really tough choice. Will also be missing out on The Sword and Dead Fader.
Written on: 09.06.2013 21:03
Posts: 290



Robeat Boys


Go Go Berlin


The Woken Trees
Baby in Vain or Sekuoia (think it will be Sekuoia)


Vinnie Who
Kendrick Lamar
Animal Collective
Ingrid (maybe)


Synd og Skam
METZ or Killer Mike
Den Sorte Skole
King Tuff
Crystal Castles (maybe leave early)
Simian Mobile Disco

Saturday - things start to fuck major up!

Ekkozone performs music for 18 musicians
Thurston Moore - Artist Talk
Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies and Danny Brown
Numbers clashing with Metallica clashing with Sigur Rós clashing with Chelsea Light Moving
Goat semi-clashing with Chase & Status semi-clashing with Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats


Henry Rollins - Spoken Word
either James Blake or FIDLAR
Azelia Banks clashes with John Grant Clashes with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Laurel Halo
Queens of the Stone Age
The Bots
Written on: 10.06.2013 11:57
Posts: 123

20:30: Overthrow


22:00: (Mø)
22:30 Lemâitre


17:30: Mother Lewinsky
19:00: Go Go Berlin
22:30: Solbrud

Elliphant (21:00)


18:00: Suicidal Tendencies (Arena)
19:00 The Lumineers (Odeon)
20:00: Savages (Pavilion)
21:00: Jake Bugg (Odeon)
22:00: Slipknot (Orange)
23:00: (C2C) (Cosmopol) – Whatever’s left of their show after Slipknot.
01:00: Ingrid feat. […] (Orange)


12:00: The Soul Rebels (Cosmopol)
13:00: Henry Rollins – Spoken Word (Odeon)
13:30: Marie Key (Arena)
15:00: (Bombino) (Odeon) – 30 minutes before DCD
15:30: Dead Can Dance (Arena)
17:00: Jonathan Wilson (Odeon)
18:00: Killer Mike (Cosmopol)
20:00: EL-P (Cosmopol)
21:00: The Dillinger Escape Plan (Odeon)
22:30: Rihanna (Orange)
01:00: Volbeat (Orange)
01:30: (Crystal Castles) (Arena) – Whatever’s left of their show after Volbeat.


15:00: Matthew E. White (Odeon)
17:00: Kris Kristofferson (Orange)
19:30: The National (Orange) – will watch the first 50 minutes, where after I’ll be heading towards Arena.
20:30: Kvelertak (Arena)
22:30: Metallica (Orange)
23:30: (Sigur Rós) (Arena) – Whatever’s left of their show after Metallica.
01:30: Goat (Paviliion)
03:00: Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (Odeon)

First Serious Clash: The National and Kvelertak are two of my absolute must sees. But since The National is coming back to Denmark in November, the choice was obvious. Also, I predict that Kvelertak’s performance will be one of the best concerts of the year!
It’s a shame about Sigur Rós and Metallica as well, but still… It’s an easy pick.


14:30: The Sword (Odeon)
16:00: (Airbourne) (Arena)
16:45: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Orange)
19:00: Queens of the Stone Age (Orange)
21:00: The Bots (Pavilion)
22:00: Kraftwerk (Orange)
00:00: Dubioza Kolektiv & Voodoo Glow Skulls (Arena)

Second Serious Clash: John Grant and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are playing with 15 minutes between each other’s performances. I am, however, seeing John Grant this Tuesday, so I will attend BRMC’s show on Orange stage.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the program. Things could’ve been a lot worse, and there could’ve been way more clashes than there are. Well done, Roskilde!
Written on: 17.06.2013 19:59
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
My schedule changed a little bit, first my shift at Thursday evening changed from ending at 22:00 to midnight so I miss out on Slipknot and then the set time for Sigur Rós changed and I have just today discovered Quadron.


01:00 Ingrid


14:00 - Andy Stott - Gloria
15:30 - Dead Can Dance - Arena
17:00 - Turbonegro - Orange
18:30 - Of Monsters And Men - Arena
19:30´ísh - Bobby Womack - Orange
22:30 - Rihanna - Orange
01:00 - Crystal Castles - Arena


13:00 - Hoba Hoba Spirit - Odeon
15:00 - Parquet Courts - Pavilion
17:00 - Kris Kristofferson - Orange
19:30 - The National - Orange
21:30 - Quadron - Odeon
22:30 - Metallica - Orange
00:00 - Sigur Rós - Arena

What I´ll do later is not decided yet because I´ll have to do volunter work again next morning


18:00 - Orgi-E, F1rsteholdet and Opa Opa Orkestar - Arena
20:00 - Marcos Valle - Cosmopol
22:00 - Kraftwerk - Orange
00:00 - Closing Party - Arena

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