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Topic with no new replies

2014 does not have a lot of posts so far?

Author Message
Written on: 18.02.2014 00:36
Posts: 367
So I will start with what my plans are for the festival. It has been awhile since I last attended, 2010 I think. This will be my 5th time going, but sadly not in a row. Like always I will be bringing stuff from the States to give away (to Strangers), as well as some original T-Shirts, featuring Roskilde-Man and of course my somewhat famous Plastic Farm Animal ones...I heard people are trying to collect all of them apparently (I think I have like 20 designs now)?

Anyway aside from that I plan to wander around more, taking more pictures of random people, things, camps and checking out all the changes since I was last there. The most interesting thing about Roskilde for me has always been the people, and not the music. Especially this year as truthfully I have not really seen any bands I really want to see or have not heard before.

Now this is a big IF, but if I lose enough weight I might participate in the Naked Run. No one from our camp has ever done it before, so I might as well. Plus you get free drinks, even if you lose. I do not have a problem with nudity, but I do have a problem with being fat and naked. So we will see. I have 6 hours every week where I work out, from now until the middle of June. So we will see how much I can lose in that time.

Other than that I am looking forward to seeing as many new and fun people as possible, and getting very, very drunk and wandering around. Which is something I have sorely missed.

Hope everyone is doing well! See ya in late June!
Written on: 25.05.2014 23:58
Posts: 367
Okay I will say it again, this forum use to be more happening...Gee, that sounded so cheesy.
Anyway it use to be that people would be talking non stop, especially so close to Roskilde. But here it is like a month until the party starts and no one is really talking, making new friends, and setting up their party plans for the festival! Which has been shortened from 11 days to 9 now. Such a shame. Anyway I hope people start to get a little more enthused as the days and weeks go by, as it's awfully close now!

Written on: 26.05.2014 23:25
Martin Horn Pedersen
Official RF person
Posts: 1273
I disagree - the forum is very active atm - no not like in the old days but ppl is posting a lot.

And Roskilde have not been shortened bye 2 days, only 1

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