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copenhagen to the festival

Author Message
Written on: 27.02.2013 04:52
Harriet Melissa
Posts: 8
Hi my name is harriet im from new zealand ive never been to europe im going to be staying in copenhagen can some one tell me the easyiest way to get to the festival on the 29th and what time we have to be there
Written on: 27.02.2013 09:02
Posts: 1229
Harriet Melissa wrote:

Hi my name is harriet im from new zealand ive never been to europe im going to be staying in copenhagen can some one tell me the easyiest way to get to the festival on the 29th and what time we have to be there

Hi Harriet,

Welcome to Denmark!

The gates at the camping site open at 18.00 Saturday the 29th. You need to book an entrance to be among the first to be let in. Also, I'd come a little earlier – perhaps at noon – to make sure to get a nice spot in the queue. More info here: http://roskilde-festival.dk/camping/entrance_booking/

The easiest way to get from Copenhagen to Roskilde is by train from the central station. It's a 20-25 min. ride depending on the exact departure. From the town of Roskilde to the camping site, there are four options to get to the actual festival site:

a) On foot. Tag along with some locals and walk. It's a couple of kilometers, so if you're rocking a hefty luggage, you might want to consider the other options.
b) By train. The festival has its own train station with shuttle service back and forth between the West camping area and the train station in the town of Roskilde.
c) By bus. There are shuttle busses going from the train station in Roskilde to each of the two main entrances at the camping site – East and West.
d) Via taxi. It's not exactly cheap, but if you share the ride with a couple of other festival freaks, it's tolerable. And at least as comfortable as going by train.

Did you btw. find someone to go with? I saw your other thread on the forum about that. I'm going every year with a 25-30-man strong camp called "Freud, the subconscious camp". Average age around 25-30 years with two veterans in their 40s. Slightly more girls than boys, as far as I remember. We're always open to new members, but you're maybe better off finding a younger camp with less "internal jokes" and more native English speakers. Even though most danes are completely fluent in English, every so often they'll forget how to speak it in their drunken stupor, and maybe it's more convenient if your campmates instead default to the language you speak yourself, so you won't feel left out of the fun bits.

How about these girls? http://roskilde-festival.dk/forum/mm_forum_pi1/posts/camping/vi_overlever_aldrig_roskilde_campen/
Doesn't say how old they are, but maybe you could ask?

[This article was edited 3 times, at last 27.02.2013 at 14:29.]
Written on: 27.02.2013 12:08
Posts: 380
As for the entrances Coldblooded mentioned you might want to have a look at this map to get an idea of the layout. If you do manage to find someone to camp with you should plan your entrance booking with them so you can queue together and find a good spot in the campsite.

By the way, you might have a bit more luck finding some camp mates if you bump your old thread with some info about yourself, e.g. age, interests, taste in music, line of study etc. Stuff like that. People might be more inclined to answer that way. You might also want to consider getting the thread itself moved by a mod to either this sub-forum or the "Camping" sub-forum.

Best of luck icon_smile.gif

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