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Topic with many replies

Top 10 Gigs And Two Worst

Author Message
Written on: 23.12.2009 17:28
Tom Jarman
Posts: 50
Mine are

Rage Against The Machine
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Porcupine Tree
Arctic Monkeys
Johnny Cage And The Voodoo Groove
The Prodigy (When they were good)

Two of my worst are Sigur Ros and The Answering Machine
Written on: 26.12.2009 00:36
Ellehauge Kaizer
Posts: 24
Kaizers Orchestra (ekstra long Maestro Tour)
Kaizers Orchestra (Festival)
Franz Ferdinand
Kaiser Chiefs
Faith No More
Malk de koijn
White Lies
Friendly Fires


Infernal (Skanderborg 200icon_cool.gif What the fuck was i during
THe soft pack (Roskilde 2009) they were soo boring .. crappy show, they didnt care at all
Written on: 26.12.2009 01:21
Posts: 25
Top 10:

1. Metallica (Death Magnetic tour)
2. Skambankt (Roskilde '09)
3. Foo Fighters (Norwegian Wood '08 )
4. Iron Maiden (Somewhere back in time tour)
5. Mew (Roskilde '09)
6. Yoga Fire (Roskilde '09 was the best, but I've seen them many times after)
7. Kaizers Orchestra
8. Machine Head
9. Gogol Bordello
10. Turboneger

Bottom two:

- Mastodon (seen them twice, sadly they were really boring live)
- Slipknot

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Written on: 26.12.2009 03:32
Posts: 1750
.. Cant sleep..

In no particular order:

Radiohead (Roskilde 200icon_cool.gif
Radiohead (Kb Hallen 2006)
Nine Inch Nails (Roskilde 2009)
Last Shadow Puppets (Vega 200icon_cool.gif
Wolfmother (Vega 2007)
Malk De Koijn (Roskilde 2009)
Malk De Koijn (Vega 2009)
Muse (Parken 2009)
Muse (Roskilde 2004)
Radio Soulwax feat. 2ManyDjs, Soulwax & Justice (Roskilde 2006)

honorable mentions: Elbow, The Strokes, Faith No More, 2ManyDjs, The Streets, Trentemøller, The Prodigy..

The worst (let me remind you that I went to a couple of Langelands Festivals in my younger days)

Burhan G
Written on: 26.12.2009 11:28
Posts: 1462
1. Metallica (Sick of the studio tour 2008 )
2. Metallica (Sick of the studio tour 2009)
3. Coldplay (RF 09)
4. Faith No More (RF 09)
5. Judas Priest (RF 08 )
6. The Rolling Stones (In Oslo some time)
7. Oasis (RF 09)
8. Slipknot (RF 09)
9. The Hellacopters (RF 08 )
10. Turbonegro

Two worst:

HIM warming up for Metallica in Oslo
Kanye West (RF 09)
Written on: 26.12.2009 11:41
Tom Jarman
Posts: 50
Ellehauge Kaizer skrev:

Kaizers Orchestra (ekstra long Maestro Tour)
Kaizers Orchestra (Festival)
Franz Ferdinand
Kaiser Chiefs
Faith No More
Malk de koijn
White Lies
Friendly Fires


Infernal (Skanderborg 200icon_cool.gif What the fuck was i during
THe soft pack (Roskilde 2009) they were soo boring .. crappy show, they didnt care at all

I really want to see Kaizers Orchestra, and I hear theyre very good live. I would be chuffed if they came to Roskilde.
Written on: 26.12.2009 13:46
Amalie Christensen
Posts: 2
Best (in no particular order):

Malk De Koijn - Vega 2009
Coldplay - Old Trafford 2009
Balstyrko - Vega 2009
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Forum 2006
Blue Foundation - Vega 2007
D-A-D - Den Grå Hal 2006
Metallica - Forum 2009
Oasis - Falkoner Salen 2008
Mew - Vega 2005
Flogging Molly - Vega 2008

Worst (I can only remember one bad concert apparently..):
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Roskilde 2007
Written on: 26.12.2009 19:50
Kasper Holm
Posts: 421
Not in any order, except venue and year:

Neurosis - Roskilde Festival 2009
Fucked Up - Roskilde Festival 2009
Radiohead - Roskilde Festival 2008
Band of Horses - Roskilde Festival 2008
The Psyke Project - Pitstop, Kolding 2009
Efterklang - Pitstop, Kolding 2008
Under Byen - Pitstop, Kolding 2007
Mars Volta - Vega 2008
Mew - Beatday 2009
Haram - Fredericia Hardcore Festival 2006

The suckiest show i've been to has to be:
Written on: 26.12.2009 21:58
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
Also in no particular order

Sigur Ros - Beatday 2008 - Docken, Copenhagen
Coldplay - Viva La Vida Tour 2008 - Color Line Arena, Hamburg
Tiësto - Elements Of Life World Tour 2007 - Parken, Copenhagen (But also RF 07)
Lady Dana - Sensation Black 2007 - Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam
Trentemøller - Roskilde Festival 2007 - Arena Stage, Roskilde Festival
Rammstein - Giants Of Rock 2005 - Gentofte Stadium, Copenhagen
Kjeld Tolstrup - Sensation, The Ocean Of White 2008 - Parken, Copenhagen
Kaiser Chiefs - Fredagsrock, Tivoli 2009 - Tivoli, Copenhagen
Franz Ferdinand - Roskilde Festival 2007 - Orange Stage, Roskilde Festival
The Streets - Roskilde Festival 2006 - Arena Stage, Roskilde Festival

And the two worst
Guns n' Roses - Roskilde Festival 2006 - Orange Stage, Roskilde Festival
Some Dj gigs
Written on: 30.12.2009 21:08
Posts: 309
Bob Dylan - Forum Copenhagen 2009
Neil Young - Roskilde 2008
Radiohead - Roskilde 2008
Bob Dylan - Forum Copenhagen 2007
Mew - Scandinavian Congress Center 2009
Frightened Rabbit - Roskilde 2009
Band of Horses - Roskilde 2008
Teitur - Blue days 2009
Bob Dylan - Gigantium 2005
Hmmm Coldplay - Roskilde 2009 (they get the last one, just because of the Orange Feeling...)

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 13.07.2010 at 22:13.]
Written on: 02.01.2010 20:30
Deleted user
Best Concerts: (Not sure about the order and if it's the right bands i have on my list. I've seen many great concerts)

1. Iron Maiden - Terra Vibe Park, Athens 2008
2. Iron Maiden - Godsbanepladsen, Horsens 2008
3. Alice Cooper - Mølleparken, Sønderborg 2008
4. Megadeth - Forum, Horsens 2009
5. Faith No More - Roskilde 2009
6. The Streets - Roskilde 2008
7. Motörhead - Vega, Copenhagen 2007
8. Deep Purple - SCC, Århus 2009
9. Nine Inch Nails - Roskilde 2009
10. AC/DC . Parken, Copenhagen 2009

1. Metallica - Vestereng, Århus 2007. I'm sorry but they can't play and the crowd sucked as well.
2. Destroyer Boy - Metal Magic Festival 2009
Written on: 03.01.2010 14:32
Dave The Babe
Posts: 678
Rage Against the machine - Hulstfred sweden 2008
Pearl Jam - Forum 2006(i think)
Gogol Bordello - Vega (2006 or 2007)
My Bloody Valentine - Roskilde 08
Sonic Youth - Malmø
Sonic Youth - Way Out West
Sonic Youth - Siesta(even though i got so wasted that i missed most of it, nice memory)
Madness - Roskilde
Iron And Wine x 3(Mejeriet in Lund, Vega, Way Out West)

The Two Worst:

some guy at roskilde who played everything him self but i couldnt stop laughing at what i saw - 2009.

Black Moon - Loved the show but got kicked out, Fuck vega.

Written on: 03.01.2010 16:14
Posts: 183
1. NIN (roskilde 09) (brilliant)
2. Muse (forum 07) (i think)
3. Justice (roskilde 07) (what a way to round of the festival)
4. Dillinger Escape Plan (roskilde 2008(insane!!)
5. Muse (roskilde 07)
6. The Mars Volta (vega 2008
7. The Streets (roskilde 2008
8. Slagsmålsklubben (roskilde 2008
9. Faith No More (roskilde 09)
10. Mastodon (roskilde 07)

Worth mentioning:
Chemical Brothers (roskilde 2008, Muse (parken 09), Depeche Mode (parken ??),
Slayer (with Mastodon + others) (valby hallen 2008, Battles (roskilde 2008, Tiesto (roskilde 07), Neurosis (roskilde 09) & Floor Is Made Of Lava (roskilde 07 ??)

Dan Deacon (roskilde 2008 had high expectations but boy did that suck
RHCP (roskilde 07) didn't actually watch the show, but I heard from everybody it sucked, and I really don't like them icon_biggrin.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 03.01.2010 at 16:17.]
Written on: 04.01.2010 14:25
Dave The Babe
Posts: 678
Deskeff skrev:

Dan Deacon (roskilde 2008 had high expectations but boy did that suck

i just think that Arena is way too big for a guy like him, pavillion would have been better, imo.
Written on: 04.01.2010 15:05
Posts: 334
Rammstein - Roskilde 2002
Iron Maiden - Roskilde 2003
Metallica - Roskilde 2003
Björk - Roskilde 2003
Sigúr Ros - Roskilde 2003
Roger Waters - Roskilde 2006
Tool - Roskilde 2006
The Who - Roskilde 2007
Neil Young - Roskilde 2008
AC/DC - Copenhagen 2009

Guns 'n Roses - Roskilde 2006
RHCP - Roskilde 2007
Written on: 14.01.2010 13:58
Posts: 483

goose (rf 07)
deichkind (rf 2009)
faith no more (rock am ring in the mid 90ies, rf 09)
leningrad cowboys (rf 97)
basement jaxx (rf 04?)
rage against the machine (rock am ring 94)
the prodigy (lübeck 96)
turbonegro (rf 06)
shantel (rf 200icon_cool.gif
iron maiden (rf 03)


red hot chili peppers (rf 07, went after 15 minutes)
all shows from mike patton at rf 05 !
Written on: 15.01.2010 12:14
Posts: 210
1.Rage against the Machine - Berlin 2008
2.Metallica - Rock Werchter 2009
3.Radiohead - Roskilde 2008
4.Kiss - Berlin 2008
5.Metallica- Reykjavik 2004
6.Rage Against the Machine- Reykjavik 1993
7.White Stripes-Reykjavik 2005
8.Coldplay- Rock Werchter 2009
9.Sigurrós-Reykjavik 2007
10.Muse - Roskilde 2007

other worth mentioning. Slayer-Roskilde 2008. Foo Fighters/Queens of the Stone Age - Reykjavik 2006. Fleet Foxes-Rock Werchter 2009. Band of Horses- Roskilde 2008. Kings of Leon- Roskilde 2008. The Killers- Rock Werchter 2009 Iron Maiden - Reykjavik 1992. Arcade Fire- Roskilde 2007. Bloc Party - Rock Werchter 2009

Chemical Brothers - Roskilde 2008. Bob Hund-Roskilde 2008. Franz Ferdinand -Rock Werchter 2009. Ian Brown - Around 2000 in Reykjavik (Stoned as fuck)
Keane - Reykjavik 2006

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 15.01.2010 at 12:18.]
Written on: 04.02.2010 16:11
Posts: 142
Tough choice...

Tool (Roskilde '06)
Roger Waters (Roskilde '06)
Motorpsycho (Roskilde '0icon_cool.gif
Nine Inch Nails (Roskilde '09)
Teknisk Uheld (Barrikaden, Oslo '0icon_cool.gif
The Spectacle (Bodø Hardcore Festival '07)
The Melvins (Øya '07)
Bøyen Beng (Dyvekes Bro, Oslo '07)
Roky Erickson (Roskilde or Øya '07, both were great)
Drunk (Bodø Hardcore Festival '03 or '04)

Lots of runners up... Fantomas at Roskilde '05, Gogol Bordello this year, Soulfly at Norwegian Wood a few years ago...
Written on: 04.02.2010 16:37
Posts: 53
so hard to choose and so many factors to consider... a few comes to mind because of factors not especially related to the music...

roger waters at Roskilde because it was just a perfect moment in time in every way. i was sitting on a patch of grass with my girlfriend, surrounded by the roskilde vibe, completely in love, the most beutiful sunset a perfect backdrop. an old happy hippie couple dancing around next to us. i actually cried when he played wish you were here...

kraftwerk in 1998, because they were my heroes. and because i got to grope some norweigian chick with huge tits.

crystal antlers at primavera last year because it was just a kickass gig!

[This article was edited 4 times, at last 04.02.2010 at 16:41.]
Written on: 04.02.2010 16:47
Posts: 53
and the best roskilde gig i haven't been to: the dream syndicate at orange in 1986. the cult cancelled and they were flown in from italy. of course i was only 5 and probably watching bamse & kylling at the time of the gig, but judging by the bootleg it was great!
Written on: 08.02.2010 15:44
Posts: 1056

AC/DC ( The 02 in London 2009 and Paris 2010)
Queen with Paul Rodgers ( 3 times)
The Who ( Roskilde 2007)
Rolling Stones ( 7 times)
Paul McCartney ( 3 times)
U2 (3 times)
Metallica ( 4 times)
Iron Maiden (5 times)
Black Sabbath (Roskilde 2005)
Kiss (Malmö 2010)
Foo Fighters (3 times)
Gogol Bordello ( Roskilde 2009)
Slash (Paris 2010)


Worst gigg i have been too are

Kings of leon

[This article was edited 9 times, at last 05.12.2010 at 15:01.]
Written on: 12.02.2010 14:05
Posts: 90
wow ac/dc, naming radiohead as a worst gig, you managed to put yourself down another level, something i didn't think possible.

Written on: 15.02.2010 23:15
Posts: 1056
Oliver wrote:

wow ac/dc, naming radiohead as a worst gig, you managed to put yourself down another level, something i didn't think possible.

I think Radiohead was good in 90 s, but now i just don t like them because it is different music now they are playing, i really want to see Radiohead when they did a good rock n roll

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 08.04.2010 at 17:56.]
Written on: 08.03.2010 19:40
Stand up for rock n' roll!
Posts: 488

1: AC/DC (parken - just the experience of being there.. they are my gods!!)
2: Airbourne (15/12 - 08 in lille vega)
3: Airbourne (3/6 - 08 in lille vega)
4: Cancer Bats (Roskilde 09)
5: Less Than Jake ( Lille Vega december 08 ) - lost my shoe while stagediving icon_biggrin.gif
6: Reel Big Fish (lille vega in.. 09 i think?)
7: Iron Maiden ( Horsens 08 )
8: D-A-D (Roskilde outdoor 07)
9: Anti-Flag ( Roskilde 08 )
10: Nine Inch Nails (Roskilde 09)

Nik og Jay (Roskilde outdoor 07)
Thomas Helmig (Roskilde outdoor 07)

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 08.03.2010 at 19:41.]
Written on: 26.03.2010 13:59
Posts: 184
In no particular order!

NOFX (Hurricane Festival 2008, Germany)
The Mars Volta (Austin City Limits Festival 2008, Texas; USA)
Anthrax (Sonisphere Festival 2009, Knebworth; England)
The Devil Wears Prada (John Dee 2009, Oslo)
Genghis Tron (Amplifier Bar 2010, Perth; Australia)
Airbourne (Oslo Spektrum 2008, Oslo)
Volbeat (Union Rock 2009, Drammen; Norway)
Franz Ferdiand (Hove Festival 2009, Norway)
The Subways (Hurricane Festival 2008, Germany)
Faith No More (Hove Festival 2009, Norway)
Neurosis (Kanonhallen 2008, Norway)

Two worst... this is harder.

Robert Plant and Allison Krauss (Austin City Limits Festival 2008, Texas; USA) Robert Plant was good of course but that Allison Krauss chick ruined the whole concert for me!
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Hurricane Festival 2008, Germany) The music is awesome but the live show was extremely boring!

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 26.03.2010 at 14:00.]

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