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Topic with no new replies

circle pit from roskilde 1977 vs 2012

which circle pit do you prefer?
2 of 7 replies (29%)
1 of 7 replies (14%)
they are equally awesome
4 of 7 replies (57%)
don't like circle pits
0 of 7 replies (0%)

Author Message
Written on: 19.07.2012 14:27
Posts: 173
27:40 out in the video.


some things do change.

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Written on: 19.07.2012 15:20
Posts: 383
Just watched that video (the 1977 one) this morning. Yeah, they're equally awesome, remove the music and they have a lot in common - if nothing else then because while the pit at Warbringer is quite huge, that also makes it doomed from the start.

On a sidenote, another thing that doesn't change is the talk in the '77 video about how Roskilde cannot attract the right names, because the largest bands have started to focus on their own tours with their own gear - and besides Roskilde doesn't have the budget to pay any major bands. icon_wink.gif I'm quite sure I heard that talk repeated word by word by Erik Jensen or someone else around '06.
Written on: 19.07.2012 20:29
Posts: 173
Yes..same general problems. Watched a couple of these vids today. The hippies complained about the "rockers" coming and ruining the festival just like we're not that fond of the new audience profile.

Also one of the vids stated over 50pct foreginers in 2001 or 2002. Quite bad with only 10pct this year.

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Written on: 19.07.2012 21:36
Posts: 383
hed wrote:

Yes..same general problems. Watched a couple of these vids today. The hippies complained about the "rockers" coming and ruining the festival just like we're not that fond of the new audience profile.

Also one of the vids stated over 50pct foreginers in 2001 or 2002. Quite bad with only 10pct this year.

Yeah. I think a video from 1991 or 1992 had Leif Skov stating 48% foreigners. 2002 had 60+% foreigners. Did think it was around 20% this year - or maybe that was last year? Where did you see 10%?

As for the hippies complaining about motorcycle gangs - don't think it's quite comparable to today. Although by all modern records (and predictably) the newspapers exaggerated the whole thing, both 1975 and 1977 actually had quite a bit of trouble with overtly violent and destructive bikers.

In 1975, the festival made a deal to make-them-make-each-other-behave, in 1977 the police took care of it in a less subtle manner (reportedly with the other festival guests supplying applause). icon_wink.gif

It wasn't so much about a different target group - the music profile didn't change much until the early 80's, and I have a hard time seeing the line-up in '75 or '77 appealing to the (stereo)typical biker. It was more about a single group that - deliberately or not - created havoc (by that time's standards - but judging from accounts, I think modern festival goers would find it unacceptable too).
Written on: 19.07.2012 22:55
Posts: 383
Just a bit of additional fun "now vs. the 70's". This sounds a bit familiar too. This year, TV2 took the role of Jyllands-Posten.

MM, 1978 wrote:
Sidste år var det Ekstra Bladet, der væltede sig i indbildt Vold — i år var det en af de aviser, som man ikke kunne forvente andet af. Jyllands Posten — af det lokale folkevid døbt »Jyllands Pesten« — sendte en mand, som straks så spøgelser. Med overskriften »Mere ballade end musik — ingen fest uden tærsk«, var der kræs for alle konservative kræfter. Man kan så sige, at det næsten er synd for journalisten, at hans overskrifter og stakåndede jagt efter folk, der slog på hinanden, hele tiden var nødt til (de har jo trods alt respekt for autoriteterne på den avis) at referere politiets udtalelser om, at denne festival var fredeligere end nogen sinde. Men triumferende kunne Sten Rudi Thomsen meddele, at fem rockere var udvist lørdag formiddag. På det tidspunkt var der op mod 25.000 mennesker på festivalen.

Den 1. juli kunne han til morgenkaffen fortælle de skræmte læsere, at der i Sodoma og Gomorra var anholdt 24 unge »for at være i besiddelse af narkotika, fortrinsvis hash, marihuana og amfetamin-piller«. Han kunne også fortælle, at det myldrede med beruset ungdom i Roskilde fredag aften. Gad vidst, om han også står vagt ved forsamlingshusene hver lørdag aften.

Translated (MM is a defunct Danish music magazine):
In 1978, MM wrote:
Last year we had Ekstra-Bladet wallowing in imaginary Violence - this year it was one of those papers from which nothing less was expected. Jylland Posten [The Jutland Post] - by local wit dubbed "The Jutland Pest" - sent a man, who immediately started seeing ghosts. With the headline "More Trouble Than Music - No Party without a Beating" all conservative forces were to be satisfied. One almost feels sorry for the journalist when seeing that in spite of his headlines and relentless hunt for people who were punching each other, he still had to (after all, that paper really respects the authorities) quote the police's reports that this festival was more quiet than ever. But triumphantly Sten Rudi Thomsen could report that five motorcycle gang members had been thrown out Saturday morning. At that time there were about 25,000 people at the festival.

On July 1, over the morning coffee, he told his frightened readers that in this Sodom and Gomorrah, 24 youngsters had been arrested "for possession of narcotics, primarily hash, marijuana and pills of amphetamine". He could also report that Roskilde was teeming with intoxicated youth Friday night. I wonder if he also stands guard at the village halls every Saturday night.

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Written on: 20.07.2012 09:56
Posts: 173
about the 10%: I heard/read somewhere that there about 85-90% danes at the festival this year, but don't remember where. don't know if they counted volunteers or not, as this probably would have an impact on the percentage.i'm guessing a higher percentage of the festival guests than the volunteers are foreginers.

if i were to calculate the percentages i'd feel that the right thing (since both volunteers and paying guests camp and attend the concerts) would be to include both.

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