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Topic with no new replies

Sorry to say this, but...

Author Message
Written on: 02.03.2014 22:44
Posts: 367
I use to contribute to this forum quite a lot in the past, when I was going every year. Now that I plan to go again I started to read and post to the forums. But truthfully it seems rather dead. No one is really talking anymore, or at least not any new people. I know the forum has not been updated in years, but that cannot be the only reason for lack of interest is there? Or is it that everyone is just getting older and less fun in general?
Written on: 02.03.2014 23:21
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
Yeah it has been very quiet this year.

Saturnus posted on Facebook that he didn´t want this use this forum format but I don´t see whats wrong with it.
Written on: 03.03.2014 02:28
Posts: 380
Everyone uses Facebook nowadays I guess which is sad since a forum is a much better place for discussion. It would be nicer to try and solve the teasers here as well that way we would avoid the needless "RATM!!!1" posts and the like.
With the amount of fans the festival has it should be possible to have a meaningful community on here but it's always the same ten persons posting.
I have to agree with Saturnus and I did as much on Facebook. This forum is slow and buggy. And for some reason the webpage only "remembers me" for a short time. First world problem, I know but anyway.
Written on: 03.03.2014 09:06
Christian Forslund
Posts: 342
I agree that the forum activity here seems lower than in my earlier years here. A way to see it is with the announcement of new names, where there rarely are more than a handful comments even for bigger names.
It seems that the active users here are older than on Facebook, which might be because new users find FB where they are anyway, so they don't need the forum.
It's a shame since the level of debate here is much higher than on Facebook, which is dominated by be people posting stupid oneliners.

But RF also focusses more on Facebook than this forum, and have much more activity there, with much more news and official RF-people posting there and answering questions, which they ironically doesn't do on their own forum. But with 237000 FB-likes they obviously also have a much bigger platform to post their news on FB.
Written on: 03.03.2014 13:40
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
If the small issues like the automatic logout, not possible to show youtube videos, and the bugs there are like problems with quotings etc. it could work fine.

A forum like Coachellas (- the bad behaviour of many users) would be nice.

It has a private message function, a YouTube converter (or what its called) and many other nice features.

Another features could be to give the forum a 24 hour Headstart on the riddles and such.
Written on: 03.03.2014 14:23
Christian Forslund
Posts: 342
Bongo Anders wrote:

Another features could be to give the forum a 24 hour Headstart on the riddles and such.

That is a major point: RF doesn't prioritize the forum. Since everything is available on Facebook first, nobody needs to be here to know anything or even just to know anything first. But I think it's a deliberate strategy for RF to focus on Facebook and only have this as a guide, when you need a fact about the festival, so the forum is really not needed for them. So I don't expect increased activity here again.

Written on: 03.03.2014 20:33
Posts: 380
It would be great if this forum was run on, say, Xenforo.
Written on: 06.03.2014 12:35
Law Abiding Citizen
Posts: 35
I rarely participate in the discussions, but I do enjoy reading the forum every week. Especially in the 3 months before the festival starts. I think the forum will get more active as we get closer to this years festival.

And I hope Saturnus will return.
Written on: 16.03.2014 11:27
Posts: 332
Personally I don't get it either. I mean Facebook is a dying social media thing.At least it is in the Netherlands. And I think this forum is much more interesting then some fb page with annoying comments. Or that you actually have to scroll through all the crap before finding news about roskilde. I think they once were planning on improving the forum. But of course even roskilde is obviously choosing the ultimate anoying Facebook - crap-road.
Written on: 16.03.2014 12:57
The Rehabilitation of Luis Suarez
Posts: 2506
It's all the above plus the fact that this year there has been very little to talk about music wise in my opinion.

There's been nothing to excite me at least, and I'm too old now to try and stir up discussions by being provocative. I think that goes for most, and there's no new faces to stir things up.

I see it as a kind of resignation- 'oh well, let's see what happens next year with the music instead'

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