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Topic with many replies

This years roskilde repeat hit?

Author Message
Written on: 04.03.2013 21:02
Afrika-Expeditionens Dr. Gregersen
Posts: 13
I know it's a little early making guesses about this years hit (because it probably doesn't exist yet) but I just saw this video and thought it had a huge repeat potential:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BxbX9qhbhMU#! (can't get link to work)

What do you guys think?

Also it would be fun to have a list of the hits from every year. Like "call me maybe" last year and "friday" by rebecca black the year before. Does such a thing exist?

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Written on: 04.03.2013 22:02
Posts: 3048
It's a little tricky to embed a video on this forum.

First you need to get a screen shot of the video. Typically those thumbnail on youtube works fine but are a bit small.

Now you make a direct hyperlink to the using the URL code. And in the text field of the code you insert an IMG link to the thumbnail.

It will still not be an ambedded video but at least it's a picture link.

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Written on: 05.03.2013 08:06
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
I thought that last years hit has Lågsus.

Regarding this year I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be Harlem Shake, but perhaps it peaked to early.

But else it gonna be the first single from the new Daft Punk album if its released in time for Roskilde.

And my third option is somethink with Rihanna, Umbrella could be a fit if the weather not behave, I remember Jay-Z rapping his part of the song in the pouring rain back in 2009.
Written on: 05.03.2013 10:32
Posts: 483
yeah, should be harlem shake.

the baauer concert will be very crowded because of this song. hopefully rf wont assign him a tent like cosmopol with everybody freaking out then
Written on: 05.03.2013 14:32
Afrika-Expeditionens Dr. Gregersen
Posts: 13
Thanks Saturnus icon_smile.gif

@Bongo Anders: I guess it depends where your camp is. I was in G and I thought Call Me Maybe was THE hit. Do you think there is any noticeable difference between the different areas?

For this years hit I think harlem shake peaked way to early, but otherwise it could do well. Regarding Daft Punk I think there music is "too good" to become a true repeat hit. Of course there are many hits each year but I think what I will call a "reapeat hit" is defined by a number of things:
1. It has to be catchy - very catchy
2. It can't be too serious. That way people can have a sort af ironic distance to the track.. like a love-hate relationship
3. It needs to be timed so it peaks just before or at roskilde. If it's too huge before roskilde it won't be a special roskilde-thing, and we really love those!

Of course there might be several repeat hits each year - or none, depending on chance. What do you think? I must mention that I have (only) been to roskilde three times... so those of you who have been there longer probably have a better understanding of this...
Written on: 05.03.2013 17:33
Posts: 380
"Niggas in Paris" was quite the hit last year as well. Along with "Call Me Maybe" obviously.
Written on: 05.03.2013 21:23
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
According to DR2 Tema about roskilde it was Lågsus but yet again they talked to Spectors during that segment so it would be wierd to show camps playing call me maybe instead.

Written on: 06.03.2013 01:05
Posts: 241
I think Gangnamstyle might be this years repeating hit. Sure it topped a few months back but I wouldnt be too surprised to hear it all over the camp site.
Written on: 06.03.2013 13:12
I Like Turtles
Posts: 760
I'm guessing Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. But the 30-second snippet of Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style will also be inevitable at the campsite, that's for sure
Written on: 08.04.2013 12:50
Posts: 1
pato siebenhaars Din mor, numsepiger

Tror også på at Kidd kan blive spillet hvis publikum er ironiske nokicon_razz.gif

og så massere af Trap banghead.gif
Written on: 08.04.2013 14:08
Posts: 11
I think Pharfar - La' Mig rulle dig could be a repeater beater this year icon_cool.gif
Written on: 09.04.2013 14:55
Jim Daggerthuggert
Posts: 637
I'm hoping for Cape of Our Hero with Volbeat...
Written on: 13.04.2013 14:00
Posts: 64
After hearing some of this song on YouTube, I am pretty sure, it will be this years repeat hit!

Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky.

So looking forward to the new Daft Punk-album.
Written on: 13.04.2013 14:19
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
That song is one motherf..er funky song. Me like
Written on: 13.04.2013 22:10
Posts: 106
I think that PSY's new song will be played a lot...and also Thrift Shop as mentioned earlier.
Written on: 23.04.2013 15:04
Posts: 16
Its gonna be Daft Punk - Get Lucky. No doubt in my mind. Also it just broke some spotify records, so people love it. And its a fucking great summer song icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 23.04.2013 15:11
Posts: 64
FlinkFyr wrote:

Its gonna be Daft Punk - Get Lucky. No doubt in my mind. Also it just broke some spotify records, so people love it. And its a fucking great summer song icon_biggrin.gif

So fucking true!
Written on: 24.04.2013 19:43
Posts: 16
muoe wrote:

FlinkFyr wrote:

Its gonna be Daft Punk - Get Lucky. No doubt in my mind. Also it just broke some spotify records, so people love it. And its a fucking great summer song icon_biggrin.gif

So fucking true!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV2GA63HEGk - Pharrel singing it three times in a row and it just keeps better. So i rest my case icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 25.04.2013 09:13
Posts: 663
Probably (hopefully!) the whole album by time of the festival.
Written on: 27.04.2013 13:22
Alex Langberg
Posts: 13
My bet is also on Thrift Shop and Harlem Shake. At least Thrift Shop is actually a decent song, compared to many of the other hits we've had through the years I think. I might run around with my stereo backpack and do surprise harlem shakes. icon_smile.gif

Could imagine Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines in there too. It's sufficiently catchy and lame.
Written on: 27.04.2013 23:55
Posts: 10
Thrift Shop WON'T be as huge a repeater as, say, the Rasmus Hedegaard remix of The Next Episode (smoke weed every day) back in '11. It was the song that year.
Last year there didn't seem to be a major hit but rather a handful of hits. I remember the following being played endlessly: Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen), Tomgang (Shaka Loveless) & Lågsus (Specktors).
If this year will be like last year, i.e. there'll be multiple great hits, then I imagine it'll be something like Thrift Shop (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz), La' Mig Rulle Dig (Pharfar), Get Lucky (Daft Punk ft. Pharell Williams) og Mambo (Muri & Mario). But then on the other hand... There'll probably be more hits before Roskilde Festival hits so it might be neither of these. And there's still a chance we'll get to experience a main song - like The Next Episode in '11.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 28.04.2013 at 00:01.]
Written on: 30.04.2013 14:27
Posts: 290
No doubt it'll be Daft Punk!
Written on: 01.05.2013 11:35
Posts: 824

Don't know how wide spread this song is in Europe atm, but it will no doubt be played by alot of Swedish campers.
Written on: 04.05.2013 09:32
Posts: 391
Well, not sure it will be this one, but I have definitely started hearing it a lot around town since release a couple of weeks ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAgE0Wwxz0o

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 04.05.2013 at 09:32.]
Written on: 04.05.2013 10:38
Posts: 3048
This thread needs moar pirate metal.


To quote a reviewer: "If dressing up as pirates with your mates, seeing a band dressed up as pirates singing songs of plundering the Spanish treasure fleet, downing rum and shagging wrenches doesn't sound like a fun thing to do then the internet is probably not for you."

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