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Topic with no new replies

What did you Enjoy at this years RF ? :D

Author Message
Written on: 12.07.2012 17:29
Gitte Bjerring-Jensen
Posts: 75
Hi Everyone.

Since there have been so much "critizismn" this year,. Im thinking that the best way to have influence on RF, should be a positive one !.. what did you like ? what did you enjoy ?.. what do you want to have more off ?

What did you think was awsome at the RF12 ?

Was it the architecture?
A good booking of your favorite band?
Was it a clean "swimming pond" ?
The best meal at RF12 ? (from where?)
Did you enjoy a special movie at the theatre ?

Regards Gitte

Written on: 12.07.2012 17:47
Gitte Bjerring-Jensen
Posts: 75
Ill start out !
My favorite bookings was Bruce Springsteen w. band!!!, Crowbar, Behemoth, the cure, Machine head !
I really enjoyed the clean swimming pond this year !.. and we had a good laugh in the camp - because of the shit sign!.. icon_biggrin.gif
My favorite meal was number 6, with rise and chicken, next to orange - Cant remember its name.. jeez..
I really enjoyed my every year tradition the legendary: skiburger icon_biggrin.gif and my Gringo coctail - strawberry daiquirie !!.. <3
The dome was pretty nice !.. although I got a splinter .. icon_razz.gif I really enjoyed the creativity with the garden, at the - dyreskueplads.
I moved from L.. to J during monday evening - I was actually surprised, that I enjoyed the J area as much as I did. /not because of the noice.. but because of the clean area to camp in.
I wish for next year, (without the noice restriction) that there would be a place with the clean princip too..
Uh Uh, and the toilets this year !! (except the P area) was duable !!. No top on.. The cleaning of the toilets I miss (spooling).. icon_biggrin.gif
Even inside the music area at the dyreskueplads I didn't have to wait more than max. 10 minutes to get a toilet !.. that was very positive.

Regards Gitte

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Written on: 12.07.2012 18:17
Posts: 241
Well the weather was pretty much perfect this year. So was the camp I stayed in.

Unlike many other years I actually got to see almost every band I wanted to see.

No Roskilde-romance though icon_cry.gif
Written on: 12.07.2012 18:40
Posts: 383
Positive criticism is always quite a bit harder, but I don't actually think this year's RF has been particularly criticized - on the contrary. Just to sum up what I've seen in various media so far, before I start on the "love fest" - because the relatively low amount of criticism is a positive in itself:

Audio levels at Orange (not new criticism); some participants' behaviour (not new, just more); Tuborg monopoly (not entirely new criticism); the lineup (may have been a new criticism around 1979 or thereabouts, certainly has been there in some way every year since then); lack of participant diversity (not new); Apollo issues; A single ridiculous judgment call by safety staff; Suddenly much stricter time slots ('dear artist, play 1 hour, no more, no less')

Anyway, some of the major positives:

- This has been my best year in probably a decade in terms of great concert experiences. Four 6/6 concerts in a year are a rarity for me, and very few concerts were disappointments. Best booking amongst headliners? Jack White. Subheadliners? Refused. Small letters? Barons of Tang - but there were so many among the "small print".

- The architecture and art. Soooo much better than the past four or five years. I know the festival spent "a bit" extra on that this year, but it's really worth it - don't cut the budget on that next year (with the current vision, I don't expect you to anyway). Brings so much to what makes Roskilde Roskilde. Particularly loved b:aMAZEd, the new dome, the new bowl at street city. Quite liked the new beer stalls. Looking forward to seeing what you get out of the new festival site layout next year. I expect I won't like it at all at first. icon_wink.gif

- In spite of complaints about audience behavior, other than sound system insanity and ever-increasing chatter during concerts, we actually had a totally audience-hassle-free year (first since 2007). Judging by what others say, and the general trend in past years, we were lucky, but whatever. Nice crowd. icon_biggrin.gif

- Didn't feel quite as stalked by various sponsors as in the past 5-6 years. No Tuborgland = a real plus.

- The Gloria stage, although not without its problems... absolutely amazing stage and screen design this year. Just beautiful.

[This article was edited 4 times, at last 12.07.2012 at 18:54.]
Written on: 13.07.2012 00:03
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
They were quick to do something about the mud.

The always great interaction between bands and audience, just look at the concert with the Punch Brothers or with Bernholt to see what I'm talking about.

No angry guards at the stages or at the entrance, they were always super friendly and even Beth Ditto from The Gossip noticed this.

The toilet situation this year was almost perfect and the pee tree was brilliant. icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 13.07.2012 15:13
Posts: 55
I was absolutely amazed by the concerts this year! I always go on a kind of treasure hunt around the festival site to discover new bands, and I was not disappointed a single time! Even the bands that are not normally my genre, was really good! So many amazing live bands, the bookingcrew really did a great job this year!

I did like Apollo, maybe because I never camped right next to it! But I liked the idea of a moving stage with up and coming artists.

The artwork and architecture!!! The dome, the urban gardening, the beer stalls, Dream City, loved it. Brought so much to the experience!

As always; Amazing people. We kept giving away candy to everyone, so that might be why everyone was so nice to us icon_wink.gif But still, great people, great atmosphere. With the exception of a lot of looters on the last night, it was all good icon_smile.gif Had a camp right next to us play techno at an insane volume at 5 in the morning, but after just asking politely if they could turn it down, they did and apologized icon_smile.gif

This was my best festival ever, and even though it's only my second Roskilde, I've been to quite a few other festivals! To compare, Roskilde manages to figure out a lot of the challenges other festivals struggle with, and all in all, there are very few and small problems, considering the size, the freedom and amount of people!
Written on: 16.07.2012 22:09
Martin Horn Pedersen
Official RF person
Posts: 1273
I like that the pavilion pant was gone, it was a stupid rule that just made a lot of conflicts

I liked living in N (where the east 2 waiting area was)

I liked the volunteering advantages, stuff like beaning able to go to a really WC all weekend made me so happy (was my first year as a voluntarie(forum moderator icon_wink.gif )

I like the concerts I watch

The Blastbeast metal meet up, was cool spending some hours whit metal and meeting ppl

And in general I just liked being free for a week, no problem, not a lot of stuff u have to do, just hanging out in my camping and doing what I want

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