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Topic with many replies

Wishes for 2013

Author Message
Written on: 23.07.2012 19:43
Posts: 4


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Written on: 24.07.2012 04:18
Posts: 2
Kanye West
Two Door Cinema Club
Foster The People
Band Of Horses
Mark Knopfler
Mick Jagger
Eric Clapton
Enrique Iglesias
John Mayer
Noel Gallagher
Written on: 28.07.2012 14:25
Posts: 1
Within Temptation
Three days grace
Blood stain Child
Egypt Central
Breaking Benjamin

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Written on: 31.07.2012 10:03
Posts: 173
adding some wishes as well.
trying to keep to bands that to my knowlege haven't played at the festival yet.

*sumblime (with rome) - sublime should be pretty well known for pretty much anyone, and rome fills in quite good. my favorite "feel good" band
*j boog - easy listening "pop rnb/dancehall/reggae" thingy
*living legends - american "indie" hiphop collective
*stone temple pilots - need no further introduction
*jasmin wagner - now a singer/songwriterish popsinger like most girl artists, but she used to go under the name "blümchen" and do "happy hardcore" or whatever that techno is called. Would be quite fun to book her for a double act playing one concert as herself and one as blümchen.
*at the drive-in - you've earlier booked bands referring to at the drive in. how about getting the real deal?
*(hed)p.e. - reggae/punk/rap act from california. been around for almost 20 years. on the silly suburban noize label, but a great live band in spite of that
*the wombats - dancable brit pop, songs people know from various commercials on tv
*face to face - punkband that's been around for quite a while
*feilfødt - norwegian punk band singing in norwegian. best norwegian band out there
*meat puppets - legendary grunge act
*the mighty underdogs - Rap group consisting of Gift of Gab (blackalicious) + Lateef the Truth Speaker (latyrx) + Headonic (crown city rockers)
*whitesnake/david coverdale - just to cheese it up some. "here i go again on my own...."
*hell is for heroes - rock band
*hundred reasons - better rock band
*marit bergman - used to be a punker back in the days but now mostly pop songs, sometimes with a edge of what she comes from
*eels - kind of strange that they've never played roskilde
*mudhoney - shouldn't need any further introduction
*incubus - another band it's quite strange the festival has never booked. they've pretty much turned into a boy band now, but if they only played stuff from the 90's...
*the living end - old skool punks
*busdriver - great underground rapper, been around for a while
*ninth circle - norwegian metal band on their way somewhere
*pipedream - norwegian brit-ish pop rock
Written on: 06.08.2012 15:22
Posts: 2
Todd Edwards, Todd Edwards and Todd Edwards. Thank you very much.

He is not too expensive, but I guess UK Garage and Old School House isn't prioritized on Roskilde.

To all of those who think they like Daft Punk: Todd Edwards is the second-best solution, as he is their biggest inspiration. Their way of sampling? Todd does it ten times better - he invented his own style.
Written on: 06.08.2012 21:56
Posts: 1

Those are obvious for me. I'm guessing that one of these artist will attend: Calvin Harris, Skrillex or/and Hopsin

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 06.08.2012 at 22:06.]
Written on: 06.08.2012 22:24
Posts: 290
Roygbiv wrote:


Those are obvious for me. I'm guessing that one of these artist will attend: Calvin Harris, Skrillex or/and Hopsin

Written on: 07.08.2012 07:35
Lord Beef Jerky
Posts: 1507
Beethoven or Mozart better show up next year... those guys are sic!

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 07.08.2012 at 07:36.]
Written on: 09.08.2012 00:46
Emil Asbjørn Madsen
Posts: 93
Rockmus wrote:

Roygbiv wrote:


Those are obvious for me. I'm guessing that one of these artist will attend: Calvin Harris, Skrillex or/and Hopsin


Didn't they break up a few years ago? Would be a pretty decent booking though
Written on: 14.08.2012 14:14
sofia berg
Posts: 143
Stevie Wonder
Fatboy Slim
Fleetwood Mac
Dinosaur Jr
Written on: 17.08.2012 07:07
Posts: 1120
Nü Sensae
Daft Punk
Bob Mould
Dinosaur Jr
Richie Hawtin (won't miss him next week in Copenhagen ofc)

....and make Fugazi reunite! icon_wink.gif
Written on: 17.08.2012 23:50
cup of coffee
Posts: 101
Robert Johnson better show up next year. There's been a lack of good blues music.
Written on: 18.08.2012 11:11
Afrika-Expeditionens Dr. Gregersen
Posts: 13
This was the year with the b's (bjork, bon iver, bruce...)

Let's make this year the one with the a's!

- Animal Collective
- Arcade Fire
- Anthony and the johnsons
- Anderson, Laurie

And also:
- Grizzly Bear
Written on: 20.08.2012 21:17
Bjarne Porsborg
Posts: 5
Roskilde, think big. Prince, Bruce and then The Rolling Stones in 2013. How hart can it be??
Written on: 20.08.2012 21:29
Bjarne Porsborg
Posts: 5
What I meant was a triology of legends: Prince in 2011, Bruce in 2012 and then The Rolling Stones in 2013. Maybe I am just dreaming, but that is, I suppose, why this tread is called "Rumours, Hope and Whishes".
Written on: 20.08.2012 21:57
Christian Forslund
Posts: 342
Bjarne Porsborg wrote:

Roskilde, think big. Prince, Bruce and then The Rolling Stones in 2013. How hart can it be??

In that case it would be the year where Roskilde only booked three bands, since they would cost just about the entire music budget. And how about spending the big money on bands who hasn't just played there like Prince and Bruce.

But Depeche Mode, ACDC and Daft punk is so far possible Top headliner bookings.
Written on: 22.08.2012 15:32
Posts: 483
my biggest wishes (likely or not)

the killers
system of a down
foo fighters
Written on: 22.08.2012 20:31
Posts: 3
Kings of Convenience
Written on: 23.08.2012 18:31
Posts: 1056
AC/DC (best live band ever) They will tour in 2013 icon_cool.gif
Metallica (awesome live) They will tour in 2013 icon_cool.gif
Green Day (awesome live) They will tour in 2013 icon_cool.gif
Foo Fighters (awesome live) I hope they will tour in 2013 icon_cool.gif
Blur (awesome live)I hope they will tour in 2013 icon_cool.gif
Deep Purple (awesome live) They will tour in 2013 icon_cool.gif
System Of A Down (awesome live)I hope they will tour in 2013 icon_cool.gif
The Who (They played awesome show in 2007) They will tour in 2013 icon_cool.gif
The Rolling Stones. I think they have to play again on Orange Stage after all these years and they will tour in 2013 icon_cool.gif

[This article was edited 2 times, at last 25.08.2012 at 13:28.]
Written on: 23.08.2012 19:25
Posts: 1056
Thorbjørn wrote:

Missed out on Pulp now 2 years, hopefully their comeback isn't over by RF13...
Off the top of my head, the following are bands I'd like to see. Not accounting for who are available (on tour) at the time.

Daft Punk (not gonna happen)
The Temper Trap
Last Dinosaurs
Kings Of Convenience
Arcade Fire
Penguin Prison (after canceling this year)
Sufjan Stevens
The xx
Tenacious D
Faith No More
Passion Pit

Daft Punk til Øya 2013?

Ryktene om hvem som kommer til å spille på Øyafestivalen i 2013 startet allerede under årets festival - nå mener noen at Daft Punk er booket til både Øya og Roskilde i 2013.
Written on: 23.08.2012 19:57
Posts: 1056
Kong Gulerod wrote:

Bands currently on my "to do" list (only focusing on headliners and subliners since the small-text bands tend to be unknown and uocoming, world music or small reunions

- Aerosmith (Don't even know if they are together or not - And I doubt Roskilde will book them)
- Black Sabbath (Not Ozzy - Sabbath!)
- Blur
- Buckcherry (PARTY!)
- Daft Punk
- Dave Matthews Band
- David Bowie (I doubt he will ever tour again - Sadly)
- Deftones
- Depeche Mode
- Kiss
- Lykke Li (I somehow manage to keep missing her concerts)
- Mumford & Sons
- Paul McCartney (Too expensive I guess but I would love to see him on Orange)
- Phoenix
- Placebo
- Porcupine Tree
- Pulp
- Queen+ (Well - hate me!)
- Rage Against The Machine
- Robyn (Next time she plays Roskilde she will headline and play Orange - I just know icon_lol.gif )
- Sigur Ros
- Soundgarden
- Stevie Wonder
- System Of A Down
- The Knife
- The Rolling Stones (Let's hope they miss their old stage and they decide to visit it. And let's hope they were all so stoned back in the 70ties that they won't see it is not the same stage)
- Tool
- Van Halen
- Østkyst Hustlers

Queen + Adam Lambert will maybe play at 46664 Mandela concert in Iceland next year icon_cool.gif
Written on: 25.08.2012 12:09
Emma from nz
Posts: 8
HIM!!!!!!!!!! and foo fighters, korn, the presidents of the united states of america, snoop dogg, crystal castles.... more rock, metal, electronic and reggae music!! icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 26.08.2012 16:13
Cliché Guevara
Posts: 174
Just get Brand New to play. The fact that they've never played in Denmark is horribly depressing.

Besides that:
Sonata Arctica (constantly touring, yet they haven't played here since like 2003...)
The Dangerous Summer (amazing liveband.)
A Day to Remember (Common Courtesy should be out by then, and if they aren't playing Warped, they'll play European festivals, I'm sure. never played in Denmark either.)
Jimmy Eat World (it's been way too long)
Say Anything (never played in Denmark and are way too awesome)
Death Cab for Cutie (it's been too long!! a Ben Gibbard solo show would be alright as well though, and probably more realistic)
Defeater (Empty Days & Sleepless Nights is one of the best albums from last year. Gief.)
La Dispute (Replace ED&SN with Wildlife and then the same reasons as with Defeater)
Explosions in the Sky (would be hypnotizing on Arena at midnight)
sleepmakeswaves (same as with EitS, but just on Odeon/Pavillon)
The Avett Brothers (Roskilde likes alt. country; why not get the best?)
Manchester Orchestra (Bad Books or Right Away, Great Captain! would be great as well. Just gimme some Andy Hull)
mewithoutYou (Ten Stories is amazing. get 'em!)
fun. (get 'em while they're hot!)
Yellowcard (would make a great summer soundtrack; Southern Air is awesome)
Saosin (just kidding. maybe in 2020 or something, when they're finally done with whatever they're doing)
Written on: 27.08.2012 17:13
Posts: 20
Veronica Falls
Rival Sons
Biffy Clyro
Written on: 31.08.2012 05:07
Søren Sjøholm
Posts: 1
I'll join the choir of peeps rooting for Daft Punk. I'd like to see them againicon_wink.gif
My biggest hope however, is to see the amazing Hank3 on a bigger stage next year; that guy has it all, and he's definitely capable of turning danish teenagers into true country fans, no matter what background they come from!

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