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Topic with many replies

Wishes for 2013

Author Message
Written on: 21.02.2013 19:18
Daniel Varab
Posts: 1
Better late then never. But there certainly some artists that I would love to see at Roskilde.. If not this year, then in the future years icon_wink.gif

Andy Allo - as you must know, "Princes apprentice", who recently released her new funk filled album 'Superconductor'.
Daughter - Are about to release a new album. Would be perfect for an intimate concert experience.
Major Lazer - Just simply.. simply fun icon_smile.gif
Netsky Live - A drum and bass "kid" who performs the electronic drum & bass heaven live with a band.. its amazing, and I simply can't wait to see him. Hoping for it on Roskilde.
Written on: 24.02.2013 14:43
Posts: 712
I don´t know if they ever played RF, but Cleaning Women would be so cool. They play miked household artifacts like cloth drying wreck, parts of washing machine and trash cans. But this is no joke, but a hell of a rock band. Just saw them on Friday for second time and it again blew my mind. They also do live backing music for old silent films, which I´d like to see in RF also.


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Written on: 25.02.2013 17:12
Asger Bo Clasen
Posts: 2
Book Peace! They will play at Hovefestivalen in Norway on the same days as Roskilde Festival icon_smile.gif


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Written on: 25.02.2013 20:54
Posts: 5
Just announce Azealia Banks already. icon_wink.gif
Written on: 26.02.2013 00:11
Posts: 61
Archive and The Black Angels have never played in Roskilde and they are in Eurokenees the same weekend of Roskilde. They would be two solid additions for the line up.
Written on: 26.02.2013 10:57
Posts: 4
The Black Angels should definitely play at Roskilde with new album coming up in April!

Also, Torche's playing at Hovefestivalen, Norway and Kuudes Aisti, Finland the same week with Kilde so why not book them too?
Written on: 27.02.2013 00:55
Kristín Biering
Posts: 1
Frank Ocean


Retro Stefson


Yeah Yeah Yeah's.
Written on: 28.02.2013 14:48
Bolfie Ramone
Posts: 3
Biffy Clyro!
Brilliant new album.
Saw them in Hamburg last week and they are on tour in Sweden and Norway in June/July.
Written on: 28.02.2013 15:12
Posts: 123
Bolfie Ramone wrote:

Biffy Clyro!
Brilliant new album.
Saw them in Hamburg last week and they are on tour in Sweden and Norway in June/July.

Biffy Clyro is already attending NorthSide Festival 2013, so they're not coming to Roskilde as well.
Written on: 28.02.2013 16:50
Posts: 712
Vintage hardcore punk band Negative Approach are playing Helsinki the same week as Roskilde. Couldn´t find any tour dates to check if they´re free, but if so, get ´em!!!!
Written on: 09.03.2013 11:55
Mikkel Hylleberg Sørensen
Posts: 40
To complete this awesome line-up I am only waiting for a few bands to join!
(hope the tour dates fit)

- Ensiferum!
- Iron Maiden!
- Papa Roach!
- Enter Shikari!
- Muse!
- Limp Bizki!
- Penteffect!
- Snow Patrol

If only one of them will be booked, the festival will be the greatest! - thats just my opinion! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 12.03.2013 22:40
Andreas Andersen
Posts: 2
MORE NEUROFUNK!!!!! icon_eek.gif

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