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Topic with many replies

Ticket for sale: 1.100 DKK

Author Message
Written on: 02.07.2012 17:46
Mick Van Loon
Posts: 7
We're stuck with an all days ticket, because a friend can't come to Roskilde. Selling for 1.100 DKK. We're travelling from Belgium, will be in Copenhagen from Wednesday.
Written on: 02.07.2012 17:58
michael jørgensen
Posts: 4
Hi Mick,

Id like to offer you 400,- DKR for the ticket.


Written on: 03.07.2012 15:52
Posts: 3
i'll pay 600 kr. for it.

best regards

[This article was edited 2 times, at last 03.07.2012 at 15:53.]
Written on: 03.07.2012 15:58
Posts: 3
I'll pay you 700 DKR

Best regards
Written on: 03.07.2012 15:58
michael jørgensen
Posts: 4
Written on: 03.07.2012 15:59
Posts: 3
i'll go up to 750 DKK
Written on: 03.07.2012 16:04
Classic rock dude!
Posts: 2488
1100,- is beyond fair, stop being cheap
Written on: 03.07.2012 16:04
Posts: 3
I wil pay 800
Written on: 03.07.2012 18:48
Kim A
Posts: 2
Do you still have the ticket ? I think that 1100 ddk is a fair price. Please mail me.
Written on: 03.07.2012 18:58
Posts: 2
Hi. Still thinking about selling the ticket. Sell it to me and I´ll make some balloon animals for You and your friends ! Going to be in roskilde area around 1800 hrs on wendsday.. Check my profile ond other post .. Cheers and kippis
Written on: 05.07.2012 23:03
Jesper Andersen
Posts: 1
If u still wanna sell i am up for it. can u give me any phone number ?

mail is Jesperhildeandersengmail[dot]com
Written on: 07.07.2012 09:05
Posts: 1
Mick, i will pay full price. Give me a call @ 29993072. Rgds søren bjerreskov
Written on: 07.07.2012 11:46
Posts: 2
Hey, if by any chance you still have a ticket you would make a single mother very happy!
Prepared to pay the full price. In Sweden, but can be at the festival by train in a couple of hours.
Best wishes
Maria +46 768 61 8484 / +46 46 15 75 22

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