until Roskilde Festival 2014 - 29 June to 6 July

Transportation partners

Roskilde Festival encourages the audience to take care of our environment and  to use public transport. Both in their daily lives and when going to Roskilde Festival. To make things easy, Roskilde Festival cooperate with the following companies - so the trip to and from the festival is both easy and affordable.


Festivalbussen has 10 years of experience in arranging travels to Roskilde, and the busses depart from several cities in Sweden, Norway and Northern Germany.

When travelling with Festivalbussen you do not have to think about schedules times, tickets and your luggage. Once you board the bus you will be taken directly to the Camping site at Roskilde Festival. The busses take you directly from your destination to the Camping site at Roskilde Festival.

When travelling with Festivalbussen you will get your very own camping area at Camping West. As a special treat Roskilde Festival will earmark a camping area only to customers from Festivalbussen. That way you avoid having to worry about getting a cool place for your tent. Roskilde Festival has already made sure that you get a great campsite right center of the party at the campsite.

The Roskilde party starts already in the bus where you have the opportunity to celebrate and have a good time with other Roskilde guests.

There will be staff from the Festival bus there the whole time. It is also possible to buy return tickets on the camping site.

Swebus Express

Swebus Express offers travels to Roskilde Festival directly from Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Jönköping, among others. As a customer you can travel from further 150 places in Sweden and Norway.

Elmu ry

Elmu ry from Helsinki, Finland offers bus transport from Finland to Roskilde Festival.
For Roskilde Festival 2013, Elmu ry offers package tours from Helsinki and Turku, including ferry tickets.


DSB has scheduled a number of trains to run between Roskilde Station and Roskilde Festival's own station during the entire festival week.

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