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Topic with many replies

Rokia Traoré ,Numbers (Rustie, Jackmaster, ONEMAN, Spencer, Deadboy, Redinho and SOPHIE MSMSMSM) ,Jack Bugg , Hatebreed and Kendrick Lamar added to the program

Author Message
Written on: 22.02.2013 22:43
Posts: 168
I Like Turtles wrote:

Jake Bugg is a must-see for me. Still can't believe he's only 18! His debut album is quite amazing and I've been listening to it constantly for a while now.
Kendrick Lamar is a really nice booking! But headliner?! Since Roskilde started giving us questionable headliners in 2010, we have had rappers like Drake in the smallest print (canceled though..), Wiz Khalifa as a sub, as well as Big Boi, who've been in one of the biggest hip hop groups out there.. Can't see how Kendrick's bigger than them? ..even though he's much more talented in my opinion

Definitely more talented in my opinion too. Pretty sure he won't headline though since he is relatively new to the scene even though his popularity has increased by a huge amount in just this year.

I mean, his debut album was released in October last year. Has anyone ever done that before? Headlined Roskilde within a year of releasing their debut album? (Not counting already recognized musicians going solo or doing other aliases e.g. Jack White last year)
Written on: 23.02.2013 09:13
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
Is Numbers just counted as one act or will it count for 7 out of the 200 bands on the poster.

Amsterdance last year was counted as one act so I'm guessing its the same here.
Written on: 23.02.2013 09:38
Posts: 1229
Bongo Anders wrote:

Is Numbers just counted as one act or will it count for 7 out of the 200 bands on the poster.

Amsterdance last year was counted as one act so I'm guessing its the same here.

The billing is key. It counts as one act as I see it, unlike the hip hop afternoon last year, where all the different acts were billed seperately even though the show was continuous.
Written on: 23.02.2013 15:51
Posts: 1261
I Like Turtles wrote:

weiss wrote:

Mr. Monster wrote:

weiss wrote:

Manowar wrote:

Indtil videre er det røv og nøgler/until now it's ass and keys (danish phrase for shit).

How on earth can you have a Manowar name/picture and call THIS program shit?!

I assume you must be a metal-fan! Subgenres or not this years metalprogram is extremely good objectively seen!

if you're into more old school metal where the vocals are sung as opposed to screamed/yelled/growled it's not all that great this year.

Sure thing - but then it's hard to ever get satisfied. Roskilde doesn't rarely book old school metal beside Maiden. Maybe we were lucky with bands like Ghost. But still you got Volbeat, Kreator and the new Slipknot has alot of clean vocals.

Metal today is what it is. And most of the time it's screaming and growls etc. But of course, they could book Orchid, Witchcraft, Enforcer, Bullet and so on from the new retro-wave but it's not that popular.

My biggest wish though in 2013 is Sabaton.

Supporting Iron Maiden in Malmø so they probably wouldn't be that difficult to book..

And are playing Metaltown in the same weekend as Roskilde - Just like Slipknot and Dillinger
Written on: 25.02.2013 16:32
Posts: 712
I´m liking that Jake Bugg dude more and more. Definately a talent.

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